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May 2023 Update from IHP

Charles Powell writing:

We have wonderful news! Our application for NGO status has been approved and our certificate has been issued. Next, we will formally transfer ownership of the land to the NGO, International Health Partners - Tanzania. We have also been busy formulating a letter of introduction requesting a rather sizable grant, with the intent of funding major construction at Zuzu. I say this cautiously because we are in the early stages of the application, but I personally believe IHP-US/TZ is an ideal candidate for the proposed grant.

In the meantime, Dr. Bon will be going for certification in ultrasonography starting next month (June). He is already amazing with the ultrasound and far more skillful than I am, but this will provide him with an official certificate. Miriam Mugo is working on a project not only to complete her Master's Degree in Nursing, but also something from which the results will serve to improve understanding of the medical process in Tanzania. Our Project Manager, Selemani Shabani, has been very busy formulating building layouts and the overall design for the property. May God give them strength and guidance in their journeys.

It is very exciting, after the kinks imposed by COVID and the lack of ability to travel safely, to see things moving forward in a positive manner. I am thankful to The Almighty for His providence and for revealing a vision for moving forward.

Personally, I have been attending to details of licenses, malpractice insurance certificates for Kansas, and hospital privileges, as I prepare to embark on yet another chapter in my medical career.

Charles W. Powell, MD President, IHP-US, IHP-TZ

Selemani Shabani, Project Manager writing:

Dear our IHP Friends.

This is quite a busy time for us here because we are working on the site plan, drawings, getting all the necessary permits for buildings.

Also, we are working on registering the land to Tanzania Government so that we can have the title deed under IHP-TZ. There are lots of documents needed to be prepared for all these stages.

For five days I was working with Agua Viva International installing a water purification system in Kayenze Ward, Mwanza town. This system will be able to provide clean and safe water for drinking and other purposes in the Kayenze community.

Agua Viva International agreed to Install one system on our property in Zuzu/Dodoma for free. All they need is for us to prepare the water room and they will do the rest.

Lots of poor people, widows and orphans will be able to get water for free. The rest of the people can contribute a small amount of money as running costs for the system.

Finally, I am thanking all our dear IHP friends. You are our angels. Thank you very much for choosing to do this as it is God's Work.

Together we can.


Paula writing:

You are God’s treasure. Think of all the generations upon generations that came before you to create you, and the world in which you live. God did that. Each baby is a miracle. Every life matters.

What do we expect when we pray? Let’s face it, we do a lot of asking when we pray. That is called petitionary prayer. How do we feel when God says no? What is our responsibility when God says yes?

Before Denny and I eat any meal, we thank God for the lap of luxury in which we’re privileged to live. We have a safe home. We have food. We thank God for all of the people who worked to produce, transport, and bring that food to us. There are so many people in the world that don’t have enough food, aren’t safe, may no longer have a home, medicines, or anyone who has the ability to care for them when they’re sick. We’re lucky. So lucky. And we’re very, very grateful.

There is one way we can make a difference in the lives of others who have less than we do. We can build a hospital at Zuzu. We can enlist the help of people like you to join IHP in that effort. We feel called to help those who are so desperate for health care. God has given us the opportunity to change lives, to make them better. In other locations in Tanzania there are a lot of little kids running around who wouldn’t be doing that if IHP had not made healthcare possible for them over the last 22 years. YOU did that. Your faith, your generosity, and your choice to make a difference has saved and changed lives. Thank you.

Miriam and Sele and the town planner are developing the plan for the staff village. It will be necessary for us to provide housing for a number of people who will be employed at The Hospital at Zuzu.

To continue this work, please send what you feel comfortable doing, and maybe a little more, to: IHP – Duane Quanbeck, Treasurer 2420 N. 6th Ave. East Newton, IA. 50208 Or go to our website, and click on Donate Or, call Duane at 641-831-9170 Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny

Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz It is in kindness to others that we find true joy. Desmond Tutu A gift to the very poor can enrich the world. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

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