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  Needed for Fully Equipped Ambulance:


    -     Personal protection equipment

    -     Gloves

    -     facemask with eye shield

    -     gowns

    -     galoshes

    -     N95 masks

    -     hand sanitizer

    -     dustbin

    -     sharps container

    -     backboard with straps and head blocks

    -     c-collar, adult and pediatric

    -     fire extinguisher

    -     headlamp with extra batteries

    -     Secured oxygen tank

    -     oxygen flowmeter and tank key

    -     nasal canula, non-rebreather mask for adult and pediatric

    -     clean drinkable water (3-4 liters)

    -     Suction machines manual and battery with extra battery

    -     suction catheters Yankauer (hard suction catheter) and soft suction catheter

    -     Blood pressure cuff with large adult, regular adult and pediatric cuffs

    -     Stethoscope

    -     pulse ox with both adult, pediatric and neonatal sensors

    -     AED??????? (would need both adult and peds pads)

    -     Adult, pediatric and neonatal ambubag with masks (and ability to attach oxygen)

    -     glucometer with glucose strips, lancets, and band-aids

    -     oral glucose

    -     3 bed sheets

    -     Wound care

    -     tourniquet

    -     absorbent pads (abds, diapers or maxi pads)

    -     4x4 gauze

    -     2x4 gauze

    -     bandaids

    -     roller gauze

    -     occlusive dressing

    -     skin tape

    -     coban/vet wrap

    -     ace bandages

    -     splinting material

    -     sam splints

    -     traction splint

    -     sling and swath

    -     ace bandages (3-4)

    -     material for padding

    -     OB kit

        -       Sterile gloves

        -       Scissor

        -       2 forceps

        -       Cord clamp

        -       Bedsheet

        -       Bulb suction

        -       Baby blanket

Other Useful Items:

O.R. booties

Masks with eye protection

scalpel handles

cardiac probe

sterile gloves sizes 7, 7.5, 8


clean wipes - purple/orange/green

hand sanitizer

ultrasound gel


otoscope attachment pieces

speculums for otoscope

disposable gloves

wrist B.P. Cuffs

medical books if they want to donate

silver nitrate sticks

Forehead thermometers

pen light


Urine dipstick test strips

Books specific to ultrasound teaching/interpretation, especially cardiac!  


And chocolate chips:)  

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