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"People working together can do great things --Tanzanian Proverb"

Every day, our mission is to work together with the people of Tanzania to improve health care. Check out our projects and our updates to see where we are making a difference!

Volunteers are always welcome - be prepared for a life-changing experience.

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September 2015 Update

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania,

Mary Ellen Kitundu writing:

The last few weeks have been exciting. We have opened containers and taken out items we thought we needed to supply the first phase of the hospital. Gradually the rooms are being equipped. Every day we sort through boxes and select items needed. We find things we did not even know we had. Just looking at the boxes does not really reflect all the wonderful things people have tucked into the containers: on the wall BP machines, paper for exam tables, gloves and more gloves, OR instruments, file cabinets full of office supplies (we have enough staplers to last for years), pictures for the walls, a rocking horse for the waiting area….well you get the idea.

Our hearts are full of gratefulness for all of you that thought, “Maybe they could use this!” I put my hands into boxes filled with treasures and think of your hands wrapping and packing all of these items. A mere thank you is not enough to express our wonderment at the generosity and support of all of you. Our feet hurt, but our hearts are full!

Right now I am filling out an order for medications to fill the wonderful shelves for the pharmacy and to care for children. Electricity is almost at the door….always a couple days away from when they say it will come. Staff that have been to school upgrading while we built are arriving with advanced skills. Ads are out for additional staff and interviews will take place soon. The application for permission to open is at hand. Preliminary visits by the government have been made with positive comments. The granite counter in the lab is being installed, the driveway is being smoothed. A thousand details are being attended to.

We sit together and think about the wonderful people we work with here, but really, it is not just the staff here. It is all of you, from little towns to big, with small gifts and larger gifts, with gifts of money, prayer, encouragement of others to be involved….that is a huge staff. Bless all of you.

And now Dr. Dennis and Paula Lofstrom will begin the long trip back to the States, to continue telling the story of this great adventure. They will travel over highways and through towns until they return back here in March of next year. They seek funds to enable the building of the birthing and neonatal center and more. And we know that some of you will make the trip here to construct, care or cope with the development of this wondrous place. Read more...

Spreading the News - 2016

Paula and Denny's 2016 speaking tour will start October 4th and end in April. Please help fill in the blanks:

Contact Paula today if you would like her to come speak to your Church, Club or Group during one of the remaining open speaking days

Where We Work

We work mainly in 2 different cities in Tanzania.

Zinga, the location of the childrens' hospital, is the marker on the coast and about 1.5 hrs drive north of Dar es Salaam. The Nursing School is located in Dodoma, Tanzania's capital city and located near the center of the country.