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We are people, working with people, to improve health care for the people of Tanzania.


While working on our first project, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to help improve the health care system in Tanzania.  They recognized the huge problems that Tanzania faces especially with the high incidence of both HIV/AIDS and poverty.


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The roof!  The roof!  Let’s Raise the Roof!!!


Paula Lofstrom, Managing Director, IHP US- JEMA-Tz writing:


Last month we told you the cost of Raising the Roof on the Outpatient Unit of The Children’s Hospital at Zinga.  And thank you for many responses!


One exciting response is a challenge grant.

A couple in California has pledged $12,000 if it can be matched by May 20th.  Can we do it? Can you share that income tax return?  One service club is working to come up with $1,000 of that challenge.  It’s really exciting the way people respond to those in need.  Can you help? Can you find a way to spend less and give more?  The children of Tanzania need us.  Their parents are praying for quality care for their children.  It’s up to us.  If you can, please send your contribution to:


International Health Partners, US

1811 So. 39th St. #36

Mesa, AZ   85206



Go to our website, www.ihptz.org., read it through about what we do and how we do it, and contribute by clicking on Just Give in upper left-hand corner of the home page


Or, simply dial 480-540-9317, talk with our treasurer, Joyce Zemel, and she’ll be able to take a credit card donation over the phone.


Because the workers have done all of the other projects, the water tower, and working on the Powell house, we have had to lay off all but the salaried employees until we have the money to put the roof on.


That has to be done all at once.

When we have funding, we build.  When we don’t, it slows down.  We don’t spend what we don’t have.  We don’t have debt.  The Powells have made it possible for us to keep people employed because they sent the money to build their house.  But that’s as far as it is going now.


It’s very painful to tell workers we have no more work for them.  They need jobs and we want to create jobs for them.  A daily worker makes $10.00 a day, enough to feed their families.  Once the roof is on, we can continue the “finishing” on the Outpatient Unit of The Children’s Hospital at Zinga with your support.  It’s important to the children, to their parents, and to the workers building the hospital.


The parents of children of Tanzania are counting on IHP to rescue sick kids.  We’re asking you to help us answer their prayers.


Blessings and gratitude,


Paula and Denny


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