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Welcome To International Health Partners

"People working together can do great things --Tanzanian Proverb"

Every day, our mission is to work together with the people of Tanzania to improve health care. Check out our projects and our updates to see where we are making a difference!

Volunteers are always welcome - be prepared for a life-changing experience.

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May 2016 Update

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania,

Mary Kitundu writing:

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania,

Good news! We are seeing and caring for children every day. And we are also caring for the mothers and the fathers and the grandparents too. Finally we are starting to carry out our mission and our goals. Please feel good about this because without you this would not be possible.

Challenges! In order to give good care, we must have a full staff. We cannot care for children without a laboratory technician to run the tests, a pharmacist to dispense drugs, doctors to see the patients, nurses to care through procedures, and people to keep everything sparkling clean. However, all this costs money until the OPD can become self sustaining. From past experience in other places, we think that will be in December or so. Until then the salaries for these people have become a major concern.

What we have done..We have slowed down building except for those projects for designated funds. An example of these designated funds is the money to build another well. Digging starts today. But other building has slowed way down since our first priority is the care of the children. Read more...

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Where We Work

We work mainly in 2 different cities in Tanzania.

Zinga, the location of the childrens' hospital, is the marker on the coast and about 1.5 hrs drive north of Dar es Salaam. The Nursing School is located in Dodoma, Tanzania's capital city and located near the center of the country.