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May 2022 Update from IHP

Charles Powell writing:

Friends of IHP,

I feel like today I can deliver a bit of good news after a long period of frustrations and setbacks. First, we are nearing completion of the transition to an online accounting system that will provide financial transparency. We have already completed the transition in the US, and now the Tanzanian system is nearing completion and finishing touches on the Tanzanian system. Second, we are in the planning stages of considering the return of resident physicians from the US to work in the clinic, particularly with Dr. Bon and Dr. Kitundu, which is a milestone toward returning to normalcy. We haven't yet discussed having teams, but I do believe we will be considering them in the near future.

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to me to consider the return of visitors and teams. Our vision has always been not only to provide excellent care for the children and citizens of Tanzania, but also to encourage an exchange of information, culture, and ideas between our guests and the people of Tanzania.

I am personally grateful for the love and support our donors have provided during a difficult time, not only for IHP but also for the world at large. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Charles W. Powell, MD President, IHP-US

Dr. Jesse Kitundu writing:

Our Dear friends of IHP and the Tanzania community.

This is the time again where we give you the updates of what is happening here at Zinga Children's Hospital.

This baby boy was born 2 days ago and brought to us for a checkup by his aunt. Very sadly, his mother died in childbirth at another institution. She had a C-section and lost too much blood. His weight was 3.5 kg. (7 ½ pounds). All other measurements are normal. Fed on infant formula 9 (Lactogen).

This will be a heavy expense for the family.

Dr. Kenny writing:

Dear IHP donors,

We hope you are doing well. We are doing quite well and standing strong to support the vision and mission.

We treated a nine-year-old boy who presented at the clinic with a rash on his skin which was diffuse throughout the body, itchy and papular in nature, accompanied with a fever.

He reported that most of his classmates have it too. He was diagnosed with chickenpox and was kept on paracetamol, calamine lotion and acyclovir tabs.

Selemani Shabani writing:

We are so happy to know that you are still with us even though the world has been shaken because of Covid-19.

Even though the world went through Covid-19 which affected lots and lots of peoples’ businesses, still we are receiving our salaries thanks to your generosity. We really appreciate it.

You are the true friends to have, especially during stressful times. Because of you our families are getting better and better. The community also is getting better because of you, our IHP friends.

So, I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone for being part of the IHP family.

May God Bless you and your families.

Selemani Shabani.

Denny and Paula writing:

There are some outstanding people that we have been blessed to know during our work in Tanzania.

Those of you who ventured to Nyakato or Zinga have been exposed to Dr. Bon’s infectious smile, ready laugh, and keen medical knowledge.

He has reached the age of compulsory retirement in Tanzania but can still work as a contractor. So, he’ll transition to that, continue to inspire and teach our visiting students, residents, and fellows. We’re so happy he’ll continue to be part of the IHP family.

Another wonderful person who has also continued to serve on our board in Tanzania, and to inspire and counsel us is Pastor Francis Gunda. Many of you may remember his two visits with us to the U.S. He’s shown here with his dear wife.

God has blessed us in so many ways. Having these wonderful friends fills us with love and joy. All of the good that IHP has been able to accomplish, all of the people served, the friends made, and the students helped is because of your donations. To keep that going, please consider sending a check to: International Health Partners, US Duane Quanbeck, Treasurer 2420 N 6th Ave. East Newton, IA. 50208 Or Go to our website, and click on Donate Or Call Duane at 641-831-9170 Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny


Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz Pray, believing.Act on your faith and go forward. God is always with you. Love is always the answer.

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