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January 2023 Update from IHP

Greetings, everyone! This is Marie Quanbeck, MK (Missionary Kid) and IHP-US board member. I am excited to be back in Tanzania for the first time since 2008!

A highlight of the visit has been a road trip to Dodoma with Dr. Bon and Sele to visit St. John’s University of Tanzania School of Nursing that we have been supporting since its inception in 2007. Mrs. Bibiana Mwaluko, founding member and retired dean of the nursing school, arranged for me to meet with Vice Chancellor Prof. Yohana Msajila of the University and others in leadership. They expressed their gratitude for the scholarships IHP provides for nursing students, and explained how the college selects the recipients based on merit, favoring those close to graduating.

Also noted was the gift of donated nursing education textbooks, which fills a large portion of the University library.

Competition to get into the nursing school is stiff: 200 students are accepted out of an average 3000 applicants.

The education they receive is excellent: St. John’s University nursing graduates, whether BSNs (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) or graduates of the diploma programs, are in high demand throughout the country.

I was privileged to visit local hospitals where St. John’s nursing students serve their practicums. Though we had been granted written permission to take pictures of patients (With their consent), I chose to focus on the students, photographing only a few patients, including a baby with pneumonia.

The visit reinforced my support for the scholarship program.

Marie Quanbeck, Vice-President, IHP-US

Dr. Bonaventura Mezezele writing:

Hi to all of the IHP family and donors,

I am here to say thank you very much for your charitable contributions for Tanzanians, especially those who are unable to pay for health services due to low financial status.

Since I joined IHP TZ in 2006 at Nyakato then at Zinga, I have observed how your donations have helped people.

· Supporting students with tuition and support, i.e. my own continued education at the University in Arusha as well as Miriam who is taking her masters in nursing education at St. John’s University in Dodoma.

· Building health facilities for people with low financial status.

· Equipping each facility to give an excellent quality of care, plus all of the baby toys, clothing, etc., to make coming to the hospital a good experience for children.

· Supporting patients who cannot afford their medical bills with the Special Needs Fund.

Thank you very much again.

IHP US has an apostle ministry. That is why it starts projects, it trains people/staff at a level of sustainability and provides good quality health services.

· IHP-US built a hospital at Iambi in Singida at a level of self-sustainability and the hospital is operating well.

· After Iambi IHP-US shifted to Nyakato, Mwanza where it built a health facility at a level of sustainability. The facility is working, helping people around that area. Then IHP-US moved to Zinga Bagamoyo.

· At Zinga IHP US built a children’s hospital at a good level to continue; it is working under Dr. Jesse Kitundu who is a pediatrician.

· Now IHP US is looking for a place where there is no nearby hospital where there are people who can't afford treatment, where the people really need IHP’s help.

Selemani, Miriam and I are looking for the perfect place that meets the criteria given by IHP. I'm requesting you to continue supporting this new IHP US project so as to reach its vision.


Yours faithfully

Dr. Bonaventura Mazezele

Paula and Denny writing:

IHP is at another “jumping-off” point. We have purchased some land with the idea of starting another clinic/hospital complex. Then we were offered another, larger piece of land also in an area of great need. We’ve reviewed our past endeavors, those that came to fruition and those that haven’t, yet. We still dream of building an orphanage, starting a rehabilitation center for those with birth injuries and other developmental challenges and a state-of-the-art burn treatment center.

This is a time of prayer and contemplation for our IHP-US Board. We will be reviewing all of the requests for help, and remembering our mission: To Improve Healthcare in Tanzania and to serve the very poor.

When Marie has returned to Iowa and our Board has had a chance to meet and examine the best use for the money donated by you to fulfill our mission, and with much prayer and thought, IHP's board will make the decision of how exactly we are to go forward.

Sele, his wife Maria, and Marie Quanbeck To begin or to continue your support for IHP, please send a check to: IHP-US, Duane Quanbeck, Treasurer 2420 No. 6th Ave. E. Newton, IA. 50208 Or Go to our website, and click on Donate Or Call Duane at 641-831-9170 and he’ll put it on your credit card. Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny

Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz It is in kindness to others that we find true joy. Desmond Tutu A gift to the very poor can enrich the world. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

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