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October 2022 Update from IHP

IHP-US is Expanding the Scope of Its Healthcare Vision & Mission and Restructuring Its Project Funding Process

The IHP-US Board has met frequently over the past two years to formulate plans for expanding healthcare coverage in Tanzania. Board meetings have brought about new ideas and new ways to expand our services in Tanzania. There are many locations throughout Tanzania that are medically underserved. It is our desire to reach as many of those communities in need as possible with the funding we have.

At the same time, the operation at Zinga has expressed a desire to become more independent. They have been serving patients during the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, we have not been able to have our board members visit Zinga or to send volunteer teams to Zinga for three years due to the pandemic. We will still support the hospital project in Zinga but the process for Zinga obtaining financial support will change.

The IHP-US Board approved changing our funding process to a grant system like almost all other non-profit organizations in Tanzania who assist projects in Tanzania. Any organization, including the Zinga Hospital Project, that wishes to seek financial support from IHP-US must complete a grant application and have it approved by IHP-US. The new system will require writing a grant proposal for a specific need or project, carefully detailing the costs, setting a timeline, ensuring that deadlines are met, and providing comprehensive documentation of both project progress and financial expenditures. We believe this will improve the overall accountability of IHP-US to you, our donors. Some details have yet to be codified, but we are confident these will be in place when we launch the program in 2023.

We will continue to support scholarships at St. John’s University School of Nursing in Dodoma and for educational scholarships for selected medical and other students such as pharmacy, laboratory, I.T., etc. It is important that well-educated medical professionals provide health services to the people of Tanzania.

An IHP-US delegation is planning to travel to Tanzania in January 2023 to visit the Zinga hospital project and to access other project support opportunities.

We are very excited to move ahead with these plans and expand our vision & mission in serving the health needs of the Tanzanian people!

Charles W. Powell, MD President IHP-US

Jesse Kitundu writing:

Graves is a 2-year-old male child. His chief complaint was a fever for 2 days, and pain during swallowing. Two weeks ago, Graves had chickenpox and had recovered.

Graves had a fever and was weak and irritable. He had a generalized hyper-pigmented skin rash after the chickenpox infection. His heart rate was rapid as was his breathing. Blood work showed Graves had sepsis, a bacterial infection throughout his system.

His prescription was to receive IV antibiotics (ceftriaxone) for ten days, lots of fluids and Tylenol for his fever. By the second day, Graves had no fever and was walking and eating well.

Dr. Kenny writing:

Hello IHP donors,

We hope you are well, and that God is keeping you safe. We can’t thank you enough for your generous support as we all wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. We are the leading rural health support with professionals in this area making an impact on people’s lives especially children.

Charles is 28 years old. He had lower abdominal pain and difficulty urinating as well as fever, headache, and general body aches and general malaise.

Lab studies confirmed that Charles had malaria and a urinary tract infection. He received Coartem for the malaria and antibiotics for the UTI and is much improved. We hope that GOD keeps you safe as we continue to carry out the mission. Thank you. The Lofstroms writing: Denny and I are just thrilled with the new horizons presented with the expansions of services that will make it possible to reach even more people in Tanzania desperate for quality healthcare especially in remote, underserved areas. The mission of IHP from its formation has been “To Improve Healthcare in Tanzania.” To assist in the continuing support for Zinga, and for medical and nursing education and serving even more people in Tanzania, please send a check to: IHP – Duane Quanbeck, Treasurer 2420 No. 6th Ave. East Newton, IA 50208 Or go to our website, and click on Donate Or call Duane at 641-831-9170 and he’ll put it on your card. Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny


Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz Pray, believing.Act on your faith and go forward. God is always with you. Love is always the answer.

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