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June 2023 Update from IHP

Charles Powell writing:

I am pleased to report several pieces of good news. First, we have received final approval of our application to status as a duly registered NGO in Tanzania. This opens the way for use to function as a non-profit organization, as well as purchase property in the name of IHP-TZ. The second bit of news is that our contractor/project manager, Selemani Shabani, is arranging a trip to the United States. I have known Sele for nearly 15 years and I am very much looking forward to his visit. We will be working on plans for developing the hospital campus. During his stay, we will also be touring several hospital facilities. I am hoping that we can move ahead quickly with the hospital build. Perhaps with good planning we can accomplish this. In any case, I am hoping that Sele has a pleasant and productive stay.

Charles W. Powell, MD President IHP

Paula and Denny writing:

When comparing life in Tanzania and life in the U.S., one of the stark differences is the way relationships are built. In Tanzania, relationships always come first, no matter what. I believe that in the U.S., it is business first, relationships later, unless the relationship can be used in some way to help business. There are other differences, of course, school, church, etc. But, as adults meeting adults it’s what I’ve observed.

Therefore, in Tanzania, greetings are very important. How are you? How is your family? How are things in your home? And on and on, showing concern for one’s state of well-being. In the U.S., we transact business first, and if there is time, we may ask more personal questions if deemed appropriate. My observation is that in the U.S., relationships suffer, and in Tanzania, business suffers. Both have advantages and drawbacks.

One of our favorite cultural differences is that in Tanzania, after supper, a bonfire is lit, and people sit around and talk and tell stories until the fire goes out.

Then, it’s time to say goodnight and go to bed. This is the way children learn oral history and adults reconnect with each other’s experiences.

A beautiful cathedral can be a hushed and holy and beautiful place. Beautiful architecture and stained-glass windows tell the stories of Christianity through the ages. But, just as holy, can be a simple building with a dirt floor, wooden benches, and windows without glass at all.

Sele has done another week of evangelism in a village called Njombe. While there, he was introduced to a very poor family, a widow with six children, three of whom are blind. These are young adult children, but one has a tiny bit of sight and we’re hoping to take him to Dar es Salaam to see if there is a chance for improvement.

Years ago, IHP started the Special Needs Fund. If you’d like to contribute to that to see what we can do for this family, or to support the building of the soon-to-be-built Zuzu Medical Center, please send a check to: IHP- Duane Quanbeck Treasurer 2420 No. 6th Ave. E. Newton, IA. 50208 Or Go to our website, and click on Donate Or Call Duane and 641-831-9170 and he’ll put it on your credit card. Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny

Sele writing: Dear our beloved helpers, and supporters and friends of IHP-US & IHP-TZ. June is the most exciting month for us. What do I mean?

It is the coming together month because we are installing beacons on our land and after that in few months the land will be under IHP-TZ a Certificate of Occupancy from the United Republic of Tanzania. We are getting our NGO IHP-TZ registered to the Government so that we can have what is called a TIN number (Tax identification number) for the Tanzania Revenue Authority. After that we can open bank accounts under IHP-TZ and we can be registered for the National Social Security Fund. The TIN number is very important. The board members of IHP-US and IHP-TZ, and many advisors, share different ideas, knowledge, experiences, and future plans. It is wonderful, working together as one big family. Yes, it is wonderful. I am so happy for the donors helping and supporting this project in Zuzu/Dodoma. Soon we will be expressing the details and lots of reports about Zuzu will be sent to you every month. But the wheels of government paperwork can go very slowly. I really appreciate and thank all of our friends who have come out to Dodoma and have seen the land. Also, we are inviting those who are not yet here to come to Zuzu/Dodoma. Dodoma Region now is Officially the Capital of Tanzania. A very big international airport is being built here so that in the future our volunteers and students will have easy access to the site. Welcome again to those whom they were with us here and welcome for those who wish to visit. Visiting and seeing Zuzu/Dodoma makes a difference in your lives. Karibu sana. (You are very welcome.) Blessing to you all. Selemani Shabani.

Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz It is in kindness to others that we find true joy. Desmond Tutu A gift to the very poor can enrich the world. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

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