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December 2022 Update from IHP

Charles Powell writing:

Our experience with COVID-19 did many things. It is fortunate that they were not all negative. Love them or hate them, we discovered Zoom meetings. I still have mixed feelings, but I can say that it has been much easier to gather a group for things like board meetings and family chats. Also, during COVID, the US contingent was not able to be present in Zinga. In our absence, the local management developed the confidence to run the operation independently. The point of the project has always been to serve the people of Tanzania. We believe IHP-US has provided excellent facilities and a rock-solid start toward that goal. We wish all the participants at Zinga Godspeed and continued success.

In the meantime, our agents in Tanzania - Selemani Shabani, Dr. Bon, and Miriam Mugo - have identified potential sites and areas of exceptional medical need in Tanzania. We are currently exploring the possibilities that are available and that would be prudent to develop. We are also working toward finalizing the application process to provide grants for existing non-profit medical organizations. We bid farewell to 2022 and look forward to what the Lord has in store for the coming year.

Charles W. Powell, MD President, IHP-US

Sele writing:

Hello IHP Family,

On December 27th, 2022, Miriam and I (Selemani) managed to visit the new land in Dodoma. The land surveyor came with us and the lawyer, too. We wanted to be sure who owns the land and also to determine who are the neighbors.

Lastly, we wanted to know exactly how big the land is by using GPS coordinates, 9.5 acres.

Below are the pictures of the people from the village who were with us. You can see the lawyer is busy taking notes and the details from the neighbors.

Thank you so much for bringing a big smile this Christmas to us. We really appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Selemani Shabani

Dr. Bon writing:

Hi all,

This is the new phase of update not for Zinga but for new place and new NGO for IHP US which has been helping Tanzanian people in different ways:

· Promoting healthcare especially to the poor people.

· Helping students from poor parents to pay for fees.

· Promoting general health in the communities by teaching them how to make simple vegetable gardens.

· Also helping people to get safe water (Agua Viva water purification).

We Tanzanians appreciate your donations so much.

Your donations are very helpful for peoples’ lives. Your donations make people happy, healthy and simplify their lives. You are doing this for God and all of His children.

As you know, the vision of IHP is to help the people of Tanzania. It started twenty years ago at Iambi Hospital. In 2006 IHP shifted to Nyakato and that facility is also still helping people.

In 2013 IHP US started a project of building a children’s hospital at Zinga that will continue to help Tanzanian people.

Now in 2023 IHP US has a plan to expand the service to the village which has no good healthcare.

Miriam, Sele and I have been given this opportunity to do a survey looking for a place where we can start a clinic to serve those in desperate need for healthcare. After looking throughout the country, we have decided this is the place. We will be saving lives here.

In God’s service, as always,

Dr. Bon

Miriam Mugo writing:

Every human being has a dream that they would love to fulfill in their lifetime. Being a nurse was a dream that I dreamt during my childhood but not knowing how to fulfil it was a threat to my dream. I am a sixth born among 8 siblings of a humble pastor and a peasant farmer back in one village in Kenya. I grew up in a God-centered family since both my parents were ministers in the church and they did all they could from preaching to farming to make sure that we had good educational backgrounds.

It was by God's grace that I was selected to study nursing after completing my 'O' level education where I joined a nursing school in Tabora, Tanzania for a diploma course where I studied for 4 years and graduated with an "A" grade. My desire was to go back to Kenya and serve my people, but little did I know what God had in plan for me. I happened to meet and know Dr. Bon who later informed me of a job opportunity in Mwanza. I applied for the job and was hired as a Nurse in charge at Nyakato Health Center where I met wonderful people on a mission to serve the needy (IHP). This is where my dream started becoming a reality.

I worked as a nurse in charge with great guidance and support from the Late Mary Ellen Kitundu, (may her beautiful soul rest in peace), and my golden hearted Mama Paula. They showed me what it really means to be a nurse not only to care for the patients physically but also psychologically. Totally I became engaged in nursing from a meek start with no experience at all. They picked me as a fresh graduate, they mentored me and I became a responsible nurse.

Later on in 2012, IHP supported me financially, they paid tuition fees for me to go for further education and in 2015 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduating I joined IHP in Zinga where we served the needy once again with more expertise. In 2021 IHP supported me once again and I am now pursuing a master’s degree in Nursing where I am being taught better skills to serve the patients. Being a mother of two teenagers, this would have been so demanding for me and therefore no further schooling could have come into being.

A dream has come true! This was all possible because of the continued support from the IHP. Much gratitude to all who support us here in Tanzania. All of your contributions and support are making us what we are today.

Thank you all and may you be blessed in everything that you do. You are changing lives!

Miriam Mugo, R.N.

Dear IHP donors,

There you have it! For months we’ve been anticipating big changes in Tanzania and now we are truly on the way. Denny and I are SO excited about this new opportunity to serve the poorest of the poor in Tanzania with competent, compassionate care.

As Dr. Powell said, the folks at Zinga feel more than ready to carry on with the services for the people they serve. The mission of IHP has not changed, as always, our mission is to Improve Healthcare in Tanzania. With God’s blessing and your support, we will serve those who have given up hope.

We had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a blessed, prosperous, and fulfilling 2023. Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny


Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz Pray, believing.

Act on your faith and go forward. God is always with you. Love is always the answer.

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