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December 2021 Update from IHP

December 2021 Update from IHP

Dear Friends,

You have remained with IHP through this difficult Covid-altered time of 2020 and 2021 and for that we are most deeply, sincerely grateful. Thank you.

Though Denny and I were not able to travel around the country telling the story of IHP, nor were we able to go to Zinga to host students and volunteers, our hearts are there with the people doing the incredible work on the ground, and the people we’re there to serve.

None of us know what 2022 will bring. But we can assure you of this, IHP’s dedication to building and continuing to expand the service at Children’s Hospital, Zinga is unwavering. You have made that possible. You have saved lives and made services available to people desperate for quality health care. Thank you. Thank you.

Each of the matching grants was matched through your generosity. Some of you have declared your support for the education of wonderful Tanzanian young people. Some of you support the aspirations and dreams of Tanzanian individuals, and some of you contribute to the general fund that also helps to pay salaries, and feed, clothe and educate the families of our employees. Thank you.

Some of you gave Christmas gifts to your loved ones by making contributions to IHP. Thank you.

Duane Quanbeck is taking over the task of being IHP’s treasurer, so further donations should be addressed to him at:

IHP – Duane Quanbeck, Treasurer

2420 N 6th Ave. E.

Newton, IA. 50208

Or, go to our website, and click on Donate

Or, call Duane at 641-831-9170 and he’ll put it onto your credit card. Some folks just give him the number and he automatically deducts the stated amount each month.

Selemani Shabani took a few weeks off from construction at Zinga, leaving his trusted and capable staff to continue the work, so Sele could answer invitations to preach the Word of the Lord in Arusha, Singida, and Isanzu, as he often does around Zinga and Dar es Salaam.

Sele is a gifted, chosen speaker and answers God’s call with glory and thanksgiving. He has brought many, many people into the Christian faith and we are exceedingly proud of him.

Dr. Kitundu treated Amina who was deeply asleep, but not in a coma. Just like children here, children in Tanzania can sneak into the cupboard and slurp up those yummy medications. Amina drank antihistamine syrup.

Her vital signs were normal, and she was observed for four hours. When she awoke, she started eating and resumed being herself. Kids. You really have to watch them!

Denny went to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. Sometimes he is still mentioned in their articles. It was fun to read about himself in a recent issue of their Quarterly Magazine.

May 2022 bring you the joy you deserve, the persistence to see past obstacles, peace to share with the rest of the world, and hugs. Lots of hugs. Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny


Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz Pray, believing.Act on your faith and go forward. God is always with you. Love is always the answer.

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