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October 2020 Update from IHP

Charles Powell writing:

We continue under the shadow of Cornavirus, with none of us being able to visit or work in Zinga.  Work continues but many of us are sad to be separated from a project we hold so dear.

IHP has had its annual Board of Directors meeting.  It was long but productive.  Plans were made for further improving or organizational structure and the future of IHP and the projects we support.  We are very fortunate to have ambitious and dedicated board members who are willing to invest their time and skills in support of the endeavor.

The changes all of us have experienced in recent months have had an impact on most of our lives.  One thing hasn't changed.  Your support of IHP remains a key element of the mission.  Please pray for us, plan your future visits, whenever that might be possible, and donate as you are able.  Remember that building is only a part of the project.  We also support young, bright medical professionals in their training. There are plans in place to implement a scholarship fund for nurse training at St. John's University.  Why?  We need nurses, doctors, and other professionals to ensure the future of the project at Zinga.  Please consider sponsoring a deserving candidate if you are so moved. Building a hospital requires more than just space.

As the cold weather comes upon us here in the northern hemisphere, stay safe, stay warm, keep your distance.

Charles W. Powell, MD President, IHP-US

Jesse Kitundu writing:

This is child Was brought to the clinic 2 weeks ago due to severe malnutrition. The mother is single staying with her mother. Both are peasants without proper income.

Severe malnutrition exposes children to different infections. We treat them with wide spectrum antibiotics. Then we give them high calories food, vitamins, and mineral for 2- 3 weeks. We are following her closely.  (All this free.) 

Dr. Kenny George writing:

We pray that God has kept you all in Good health.  We, on the other hand, are doing quite well trying to practice at our best.

Last week we attended an 11-month-old boy who presented with rashes that were hypopigmented.  He also had a fever.   The child was treated with broad-spectrum oral antibiotics as impetigo. After a week he was doing quite well.

Another patient attended was a 60-year-old man (Mr.Hassan) who presented initially a month ago with a blood pressure of 180/110.  As you know, this is dangerously high.   When he came for follow-up after a week on anti-hypertensives his current BP is 130/80. Currently, he reports to be active and feels much better overall.

Paula and Denny writing: Your loyalty to IHP has helped to bring quality healthcare to thousands of Tanzanians over the 18 years since, along with Mary Ellen Kitundu, we founded IHP.  Thank you.   One of the best ways to continue the legacy IHP is creating is through education.  We have a beautiful young woman who wants to become a pharmacist.  She has been accepted at St. John’s University in Dodoma into the pharmacy program, but the cost is $2500 per year, for 4 years.  That covers her tuition, books, travel to and from school, and room and board.  What a bargain.   If you would like to assist with scholarships such as this one, please think about marking your donation for “education” and send your donation to: IHP – Matt West, Treasurer 8016 No. Everton Avenue Kansas City, MO. 64152 Thank you, Paula and Denny

Selemani Shabani writing:

Hello IHP DONORS, It is time again for us to let you know how the Zinga project is going.  We don't have much going on with the construction site right now because we don't have funds. We know and we understand the problem the whole world is facing (Covid-19.) We have managed to do the wall smoothing on the MCH building. Also, we have been doing some repairs like replacing UPS batteries, air conditioning services, car services, big generator service, water pump repairs, and sewage system repair.

We are hoping whenever we will be getting enough funds we can go back to our normal daily activities. Still, I am thanking you and I will continue to thank you for supporting us even if the world is still shaking because of Covid-19. Thank you so much you the unconditional love you have for us.  Wednesday, October 28 2020 is a very special day for our country Tanzania. This is our election day. We are praying that everything is going to be okay.  

Best Regards, Selemani Shabani. 


Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz Pray, believing Act on your faith and go forward. God is always with you. Love is always the answer.

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