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July 2023 Update from IHP

Charles Powell writing:

I am pleased to report that we are moving ahead with our new properties. Well sites have been identified, a guard house is under construction, and the site for the equipment shed is nearly ready for the building to go up. Selemani had a small setback with one of the vehicles. A lower ball joint broke and left him temporarily stranded. Nonetheless it has now been repaired. We know that things in Tanzania move pole pole - very slowly. But I am happy to say that we have seen progress, day by day, and week by week.

Charles W. Powell, MD President, IHP

Paula writing:

Golfers! Please note the attached information about the yearly Golf outing to benefit IHP in Onalaska, WI.

Denny and I went to northern Minnesota for a family reunion and celebration of Den’s 95 ½ birthday. My son Matthew drove us in an RV rented for us by Den’s grandson (and IHP board member) Josiah Grimes. It was wonderful for Denny to see his kids and for all of us to see each other again.

Each time when we go back to Tanzania, we also reunite with our IHP family there. God has given us so much to be thankful for. God has honored us by using us as His instruments, to make life better for people in Tanzania. We are thrilled to be instruments of peace.

It is your donations that have made it possible for IHP to reach those it has, and now to reach even further to serve people who have little hope and very limited access to quality medical care. Thank you.

To continue this work, please donate to:

IHP – Duane Quanbeck, Treasurer

2420 N. 6th Ave. East

Newton, Iowa, 50208

Or go to and click on Donate

Or call Duane at 641-831-9170 and he’ll put it on your credit/debit card.

Blessings and gratitude,

Paula and Denny

Selemani Shabani, Project Manager writing:

Psalm 138 says;

"I will give You thanks with all my heart."

I am giving all of my THANKS to you LORD.

You are a Wonderful, Working God.

You are faithful to your people all the time.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us a new place and another time to serve you through your work in us.

Thank you, Lord, for choosing us to serve you and make us one loving family.

I am thanking everyone one of you for agreeing to do this God's work.

I know it is hard work and it takes a lot of time, money, lots of effort; it also takes every one of us. God Bless every one of you for this work you are doing.

Thank you so much for being the reason for bringing many smiles to lots of faces out here.

I am updating you with what is happening here in Zuzu/Dodoma.

We are building a house for the guards and a construction office, toilets. We are also drilling a bore hole.

As you can see in the pictures, the first building on this property is among 34 buildings that are planned. Your funds have enabled us to do this work. This building will be able to accommodate more than 12 Masai guards.

We had to rush to build this house so that we could hire the Masai guards to guard the property. Why? Because people were cutting the trees for charcoal and firewood. To save the trees, we had to have the guards on the property. We also had to have facilities for those guards, water, toilets, showers, and this also necessitated a septic system. We also need the water for construction.

Thank you so much for making this happen. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Welcome to Zuzu MedicalCenter in Dodoma. Sele

Miriam Mugo writing: Hello IHP family. It’s been a long time since I have written to you. I am thankful to the Alrighty God that I am doing great.

It was in 2021 when I joined the University of Dodoma to pursue Masters of Science in Nursing Education and am humbled to thank you for your support and inspiration. I am expecting to graduate in November this year. Currently, I am doing data collection for my research project.

Again, thank you all for making this possible through your donations, Miriam

Paula Lofstrom Managing Director International Health Partners, US & Tz It is in kindness to others that we find true joy. Desmond Tutu A gift to the very poor can enrich the world. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

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