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Our Mission is To Improve Healthcare in Tanzania

Learn About What We Do

International Health Partners serves the people of Tanzania by providing excellent healthcare to those who need it most. Learn about how you can make a difference in the life of a child today. 

Volunteer with International Health Partners

We welcome volunteers to make our mission possible. Visit our 'Get Involved' section and make a meaningful difference for the children of Tanzania. If you can count, cut, saw, paint, hammer, lift, dig, or smile, we can find a way to put your gifts to work. 

Make your gift today
The work of International Health Partners is made possible by the generous contributions of time, money, sweat, and prayers from people all over the world who want to see their impact. IHP uses the resources to build quality healthcare facilities where those in need can find excellent care in a safe environment. A gift to the very poor can enrich the world.

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 Latest Project -

Children's Hospital Zinga, Tanzania 

Building the first stand-alone Teaching Pediatric Hospital located near Zinga, Tanzania.

There is a great need for excellent pediatric care for the children of Tanzania. In addition, the need for teaching pediatric care to the medical community is great.


We have joined with the local NGO

(non-governmental international organization) JEMA CHILD CARE TANZANIA in the provision of excellent children's healthcare and committed to building this greatly needed hospital project, the first stand-alone teaching pediatric hospital in Tanzania at Zinga (near Bagamoyo). 

In country, we are proud to be IHP-JEMA-TZ

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IHP would like to give a Very Special Thank You to the Rotary International Foundation and the Rotary Clubs in several states who have been so supportive in assisting the mothers and children in Tanzania by providing state-of-the-art equipment for the Dental Unit, a digital X-Ray (we now have one of only four in the entire country) and the Ultrasound machine. 

Most recently, the Rotary Club in LaCrosse, WI is striving to engage other Rotary Clubs throughout the nation to fund two Radiant Baby Warmers and two Incubators for the NICU in the Children's Hospital in Zinga.

For more information please contact Bob Newberry. He can be reached by email at

The number of lives this equipment will save is incalculable and we are all Truly Grateful for These Blessings! Asante Sana!!

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