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January 2017 Update

Jesse Kitundu writing

January has been really exiting month for us as we reviewed the second container. A lot of good hospital furniture, equipment that included Den’s golf cart.

Den's Golf Cart

What a nice present for the New Year. Thank you so much for the donations and we do really appreciate.

Up this point the project is going on well because of your generosity.

From OPD [Outpatient Department] side as I mentioned in last update the number of patients is increasing. (ref Dr Bon’s Update.) We hope, once the MEK MBC [Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Center] is completed, the number children will go up. Reproductive Child Health services will start at the same time. Here, more funds are still needed for finishing the roof, and the inside walls. We are almost there but have not yet reached the destination intended.

 During this month we have started revolving the funds, paying for the drugs, equipment maintenance and medicines’. This is one step forward and I thank you again for your support. [Until now, IHP has had to subsidize paying for the medicines and lab supplies.  Now that area has become self-sustaining.]

Completing the X-Ray

Construction work is going on well too; another milestone has been achieved, as the X-ray building has finally been completed.

Now we are waiting for the x-ray machine.  We are expecting to employ a radiographer (technician) and part-time radiologists to work together with us. What challenge? ( See Sele’s update.)

Dear Friends always I have missed saying the right word to thank you, BUT from the bottom of my heart I say again “ASANTENI SANA SANA.” [Thank you all very, very much.]

Dr. Bonaventura Mazezele writing

No big changes happened this month at Children Hospital Zinga

Having fewer patients it is normal for Dec and Jan because of Chrismas and school fees (due in January). 

  1. Children under 5 new cases seen =32. Reattendance cases =39 for a total of 72
  2. Adult new cases =113 and reattendance =159.

Most cases seen are Hypertensions, Diabetes, dental, malaria, urinary infections,  upper respiratory infections, Typhoid, Hand infections, and abscess, and Arthritis

We need more topical and local anesthesia because what we have was not effective for incision and drainage of abscesses.


Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Bon

Selemani Shabani writing

Hello Everyone. 

I am talking this opportunity to let you know about what has been done during the past few weeks. 

We were trying to find a good tech who will be able to fix our broken sterilizer machine which really is an autoclave. The good news is we managed to find a good fundi (tech) and he has already fixed the machine and it is working okay. We are very happy about it. 

Also he is working on an ultra sound machine we are hoping he can fix it. It seems he knows what he is doing though he is expensive.

Apart from maintenance and repair, we are working on the round house number 5, and the eating place for volunteers. These two buildings needed roofs. We have managed to put the roofs for both of them. Right now we have already installed the window grills on the round house 5, and we have put in the floor and the walls are smoothed for this house. 

Right now we are putting conduit pipes and water pipes for the eating place. After that then we are going to start smoothing the walls for the eating place. 

Eating Place

I know every one of you would like to know what is going on with the birthing center. 

This is what is going on. We are just waiting for the cost for the roof structure from Alluminium Africa. The guy whom was supposed to do that wasn't around. They called me yesterday and assured me that by next Monday we will have all the cost for the roof. We have decided to wait for these guys because they are professionals on the big buildings. The metal we are going to use on the birthing center is going to be the lighter weight. So I am very sure next week we are going to start working on the birthing center roof. 

Thanks to all of you that contributed money for the birthing center, and soon we are going to start working on it. 

Also thank you very much to every one of you for the in-kind donations to IHP JEMA, thank you for all the donations you have been sending to make it possible for this hospital to be build and equipped. 

Every time I look on those mothers and kids who are getting served here, we are aware that it is all your time, your money and your generosity that has made it possible. 

Thank you, thank you very much once again. You are someone special to us.

Best Regards, Sele

Matt West writing

As you may remember, I mentioned in the last update that Florida was going to be rough, and I was not wrong.  After a few chilly weeks in Kansas City over the holidays, we left for the Sunshine state on January 12th.  A little later than we thought due to an unexpected cancellation, but luckily a few minutes before a potentially bad ice storm targeted the Midwest.  After spending a night in Paducah, KY and Macon, GA we made it to the Walter’s home in Jensen Beach, FL.  We settled in and made our preparations for a presentation to some of their very kind and giving neighbors.  In the meantime we were able to take time to walk on the beach and enjoy some good pizza, what Florida is known for.  The weather was perfect and the view was amazing.   Thank you, Marilyn and Jerry for inviting us into your home and for the hospitality.

We headed back north a little to visit Gary and Jackie Carter in Winter Haven for a few days and this stop felt more like a vacation than work.  Denny and I got to go fishing and cruising the lake on their new pontoon boat.  Gary showed me how golf is supposed to be played and we ate some of the best oysters, calamari, and alligator that you could ever imagine.  Thanks so much for treating us like family.

We’re currently in Palm Harbor staying with Ken and Kathie Chernes who didn’t know us from Adam, Eve, and their son Matthew, but they took us in at the request of Pastor Katie at St. Mark’s church where we presented on Sunday and had a wonderful warm reception by all of their congregation after the service.  Just a truly great day and a very nice lunch with Diana who helped everything come together.  Thanks to Ken and Kathie for welcoming us into your home and sharing your time and TV (so Denny and I could watch NFL playoffs) with us.

Until next time…


Miriam Mugo writing

It feels good to be able to offer the best nursing services to our patients. A little girl aged 8 months came in with an abscess around the neck, incision and drainage was done, she was given with antibiotics and dressing for 5 days which led to recovery and back to her normal growth. This makes a great difference. If there were no medical services around the poor little girl would have been treated with traditional medicine and maybe she would have lost her life.

Pre-Antibiotic Treatment

A 50 year old man came in the clinic with a poorly managed wound. After 2 months nursing care at Children's Hospital Zinga the wound is ready for Skin grafting.

Thanks to all those contributing towards a healthy Tanzania!


Denny Lofstrom writing

We managed to avoid the big storms and we’ve kept on schedule.  Next week I’ll be attending a continuing medical education seminar for five days on endocrinology and getting the latest information on thyroid disorders and parathyroid tumors, fractures and low bone density in adolescents and young adults, challenging adrenal cases, hypoglycemia, diabetes, polycystic ovaries, Cushing’s syndrome update, and other interesting and challenging topics.


I want to join Paula is thanking you for the generous end-of-year donations that are enabling the work at Zinga to go forward.

Paula Lofstrom writing

One of the perks of doing this work is the wonderful people we meet, and having the chance to catch up with old friends is just glorious.  Getting to know new people and having the opportunity to share what is going on at The Children’s Hospital at Zinga is exciting!  We love it.  Fortunately, this year with Matt driving and doing the lifting, I get to sit in the back seat and read – hours of guilt-free reading time!

The end-of-year donations have made possible the purchase of the roofing materials as well as continuing building in other areas of the hospital campus.  For each of you we say thank you for remembering IHP.  For those who donated their IRA disbursements, we say thank you.  For those who chose to give Christmas gifts to their families of a donation to IHP, we say thank you.  To our regular monthly donors, we say a big thank you.  

Our speaking schedule for 2017 is not updated.  We are open to more opportunities, and we certainly invite you to come and see us if we’re close to where you are

We send you blessings for a beautiful, prosperous, fulfilled 2017.  We invite you to come to Zinga to help in whatever capacity you’d like to donate.  If you wish to donate to help continue the project, please send a check to:


International Health Partners, U.S.

Joyce Zemel, Treasurer

1811 So. 39th St., #36

Mesa, AZ  85206


Go to our website, and click on Donate Now

Or call Joyce at

480-540-9317 and she’ll put it on your credit card.


Blessings and gratitude,

Paula and Denny