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Coming soon [August]


Volunteers and things happening [July]


Raising the roof [March]





Work on the slab for the outpatient department [September]


Foundation and Footings [August]


Water, Groundbreaking and first volunteer [July]


Building Premit, Tanzanian style cement mixer and first blocks [June]


On tour and construction equipment arrives [April]


Plans and Speaking Schedule [March]


Coming soon [February]


Coming soon [January]





The future [November]


New project and upcoming changes. [May]


Generator and guest. [April]


Construction of Food Square, painting, and fund raising update. [January]






Construction update, visitor thoughts and USA schedule update. [August]


Construction update, visitor thoughts and Fourth of July in Tanzania [July]


Future hospital plans and visitor thoughts. [June]


Some history and update on the laundry [May]


Easter joy, construction updates, visitor reflections and Tanzania wonders [April]






A reminder of how important our work is at the clinic. More information on the Eye Center and Dental unit construction and the USA trip update   [December]


Eye Center construction news, USA trip update and the Mangoes are falling   [November]


Baby eagle, laundry, and construction news   [August]


Volunteer team from Iowa, many visitors stories, and the future USA schedule   [June]


Medical teams and air quality issues   [May]


Thank you, wish list, and a young person making a difference   [April]


Urgent Plea for help!   [Help Needed]


Future plans and Gunderson Team at Nyakato!   [March]


Denny and Paula return, volunteer messages and Sele's first update!   [February]


Return to work, staff update and preparing to return to Nyakato!   [January]







Birthing Center Update, US fund raising update and Christmas Greetings  [December]


Thanksgiving thoughts and progress update  [November]


Spreading the news in the states  [October]


Comments from volunteer team member  [July]


Landscaping and Care for Albino Children  [June]


OB/Gyn team visits and eye glasses given out. [May]


Visa status change, need for water and comments from volunteers [April]


Volunteers and exciting news [March]


Home Again! [February]






Year end review and thoughts for the new year. [December]


Thanksgiving and fund raising update . [November]






Update on fund raising activities and a special report from Anna in Nyakato!  It also includes a warning for volunteers. [October]







News on Nyakato Health Center and more thoughts of life at Mwanza. [September]


Two newsletters, one from Mary Kitundu about Saint John’s University of Tanzania and one from Paula about the services provided at Isaka, Shinyanga and Mwanza. [July]


News on the dispensaries in Shinyanga and Isaka and first thoughts of Mwanza.  [May]


The first update from Paula as she and Denny arrive at Mwanza. [April]