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January 2019 Update from IHP

Jesse Kitundu writing



There is an extraordinary two-for-one grant challenge facing IHP! A donor has donated $30,000 to IHP and challenged a church in Utah to MATCH that challenge, and that church is challenging the rest of the IHP supporters to match it again.  A DOUBLE MATCH!!  


So, the $30,000 can become $90,000 by EASTER.  This will complete the interior of the Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Center and finish the hostel.  


Is it possible?  This is the largest grant challenge we’ve ever been given.  


Will you help?  

In Tanzania 12,000 women die yearly in childbirth.  In the U.S. it is 900.  


By building a teaching facility, you can help to change that dreadful statistic.  


To help, please send checks to:

IHP, Matt West, Treasurer

8016 North Everton Ave.

Kansas City, MO  64152


Or go to our website, www.ihptz.organd click on PayPal

Or call Joyce Zemel at 480-540-9317 and she’ll put it on your credit card.  


Remember!  Every dollar you give reaps $3.00 for the Children’s Hospital at Zinga!  


You will note below that Denny’s 91stbirthday is Feb. 20th. Please, think of your gift as a birthday gift to see his life’s dream of changing health care in Tanzania come true. 


Jesse Kitundu, President IHP-JEMA-TZ writing:


Dear Friends to Children and Mothers of Tanzania, 

January here in Tanzania is a very challenging month for taking care of children as they go back to school after a long holiday. Big families are quite common and this makes it is hard for most Tanzanians to support every child. With your help, all supported children supported by IHP are back in school now. Parents and guardians have asked me to thank you for your support doe their children.

We are getting ready to start receiving patients using the National Health Insurance in the first week of February 2019. We are expanding our lab annex in order to have a microbiology section; with this, we will be able to do blood and other cultures.

We purchased some equipment such as a water bath, an incubator, and burners that are needed here.  We thank you for sending us some microscopes so that we will able us do examinations of malaria parasites, stool, and urine.

Last year, 2018: Total patients attended seen were 7,029 of which 2,114 were children below 17 years of age. Below 5years of age were 1,452 (these by our government policy are exempted from charges). From the paying group 50 patients who could not afford were supported by IHP’s SNF (Special Needs Fund).  As we are a charitable non-profit organization, 25% of the patients who are not able to pay full fee to participate in a cost-sharing.  That means paying half of the consulting fee.

The number of patients is increasing compared to the last year of 2017. All this has been possible because of your support that has abled us to give serve successfully.  Thank so very much.

Many Blessings to you all,

Jesse A. Kitundu, MD,

HIP- JEMA TZ; President.


Charles Powell writing:

I find it very exciting that we are making such good progress on some of our long-standing efforts.  It appears as though we will be expanding our services, and with that comes many details and loose ends to close.  With that in mind, I am planning a trip to Zinga in July to meet with Dr. Kitundu.  We need to discuss staffing, shift-coverage, personnel, and most importantly, training programs in order to create a self-perpetuating system. Specialty care is very different than general medical care, and we must train staff to understand their roles and guarantee a high level of care.

Aside from that, I will be seeing old friends, checking the progress at the hospital and the grounds, and enjoying some Tanzanian sun.   For those of you who also will travel to Zinga in July, I look forward to seeing you there.

Charles W. Powell, MD

President - IHP US


Dr. Bon Mazezele writing:

We thank God for everything going on at Children Hospital Zinga.

The administration employed one doctor, two x-ray techs, and two nurses fresh from college. Health insurance is still in process and not yet started. The laboratory extension making good progress in order to have enough room for microbiology and a blood bank for transfusions during surgery.

I attached the pictures of a kid with dental cavities to represent kids under 8 yo who attending CHZ with dental problem mostly due to eating and drinking sweets and poor oral hygiene.

For December and January, we attended 10 kids with dental problems that indicate the problem in the community which needs intervention.

Dr.Bonaventura Mazezele, 

Chidren’s Hospital, Zinga


Selemani Shabani writing:

Hello everyone. 

I pray that each of you is doing well. 

We are doing very well here and the project here is moving forward very well. 

I am taking this opportunity to present to you the work construction in progress here at Zinga Bagamoyo.

  • The birthing center is going very well as you can see the picture below. We are working on the finishing of this building; the ambulance entrance and flooring.

  • The garage is part of the progress.  We will be able to do vehicle maintenance and repair there as well as store the hospital vehicles.
  • The acute care ward with a Pediatric ICU building wall foundations are done. 
  • The Neonatal ICU building roof is completed. 
  •  For the house/hostel where the Lofstroms will live and host visitors, we are starting to smooth the walls inside and out. 
  • We have started working on another house for the guards on the other end of the 64-acre property for more complete coverage of the entire campus.
  • The Maternal Child Health Center started with a container to be the three exam rooms and we've built other rooms for education and counseling, and there will be restrooms.  

We have managed to do all of these because of you, the IHP-JEMA donors. Without you, we would not be where we are right now.  So we cannot stay silent without saying thank you. 

I, Selemani, on behalf of IHP-JEMA, am thanking you IHP JEMA DONERS for all you have been giving for this project. We have managed to be where we are right now because of you. 




We are still asking for your help, support, and donations so that we can proceed with the construction of this hospital.

Because without you there is no IHP-JEMA and also there is no hospital. You are IHP-JEMA and you are the hospital. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for choosing and doing this work. 

Best Regards,

Selemani Shabani. 

IHP-JEMA Contractor. 


From former volunteers at Zinga:

Greetings from Africa!

I’m Art Larson, a grandmother from Rochester, Minnesota.  I came to Zinga with my three grandchildren ages 17, 15, and 13 in 2018.  I came in 2003 with my husband just after he retired from Mayo Clinic.  As a child I I went to a camp that every year had missionaries who did slide shows each night and I knew I wanted to work with God’s children in this beautiful country.

My dream has been to return to Africa with my grandchildren and to give them the experience and have me see the people and the country through their eyes.  It was so wonderful to see them painting and laughing while working. The excitement of a safari and seeing the animals has brought so much joy.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one or more of the kids are hooked and will return again.  I’m so looking forward to returning to the States and hearing them tell their stories to others.  I can just hear it now, “Grandma, do you remember…” and have them share their memories and experiences with me.

What a blessing to be with Denny and Paula and to contribute to the work they are doing and be the hands of feet of Christ.

Asante sana,

Art (Alice) Larson


Hello!  My name is Meghan and I’m 15 years old and I live in Rochester, MN.

I was able to help with Paula and Denny’s project here in Zinga.  During my stay here it wasn’t only mission work.  I was able to build relationships with new people, learn about African lifestyles and, most importantly, have fun!  Me and my family and friends did many things to help support the Children’s Hospital here in Zinga.  We painted 20 rooms in the birthing center, the bottom of the canteen buildings and the bottom of Dr. Powell’s house.  We were able to do all of this (and more) in just five (5) days!  

We came here to help out with the project, but came also to find it is a life-changing opportunity!  A trip like this opened my eyes and made me realize how fortunate we really are sometimes.  I take hospitals for granted, having the Mayo Clinic in the center of our town.  Being able to see all the work Paula and Denny and the people here are putting into this project makes me notice that it is so much more complicated.  I was able to realize that people can’t do stuff like this on their own.  

I am so lucky to be able to help and contribute myself to this hospital.  Being able to know that somewhere down the road the rooms that I painted will have mothers and families in them is so touching.  Also, knowing that these mothers have a clean, safe, and sterile environment to safely have their babies in is very eye-opening on how just a little bit of work can go a LONG way.  


Paula writing:

Denny and I are on the last leg of our fundraising sweep this year. We’ve given 43 presentations with only a few to go and we’ll be returning to Tanzania on February 28th.  Thank you to every single person who listened, who cared, and who contributed to help make The Children’s Hospital at Zinga a reality.  

2019 speaking schedule:


February 2019:

3 – St. Paul Lutheran Church, Niceville, FL

4 – Robertsdale, AL

8 -Tulane Univ. Medical school, New Orleans, LA

10 – United Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schulenburg, TX

17 – Open

19 – Lions Club, Noon, Schulenburg, TX

20 – Celebrate Denny’s 91stbirthday in Dallas, TX

24 – Atonement Lutheran Church, Overland Park, KS

27 - Return to Tanzania


Blessings and gratitude,

Paula and Denny