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November, 2018 Update from IHP

Jesse Kitundu writing

Dear Friends to Mothers and Children of Tanzania.

November is a month of preparation fields by burning the grass for the peasants around us. This is dangerous and sometimes can cause fires like what happened three weeks ago.  Luckily enough, we were able to contain it. 

Though there are no volunteers now, this does not mean the project stops, we are very busy especially from the construction side. The road from the main road is dry now and trucks can easily bring the construction materials here.

 We are finishing The Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Centre interiors and main entrance. 

The Operating Rooms and the NICU building is currently getting a roof, the MCH (Maternal and Child Health) Clinic has been started as we are digging the foundation as well as for the acute care pediatric ward with a pediatric ICU. 

Dear Friends, as you can all see this has been only possible because of your donations. Thank you so very much.

Very soon we expect the number of patients to increase, as now we have been accredited to work with National Health Insurance Funds. We hope that this will significantly boost our income to help the outpatient become self-sustaining.  

It is really exciting and hard to believe when we look back 5 years ago when there was nothing here, only land with grass. Thank you again for continuing to help the Mothers and Children of Tanzania and let the Lord bless you all!

Jesse Kitundu, President, IHP-JEMA-TZ


Charles Powell writing:

As I see the progress on the hospital, birthing center, neonatal intensive care unit, and surgical suite, it occurs to me that we are quickly approaching the time that my wife and I will become residents of Zinga.  We won’t be in Kansas anymore, Toto.  The truth is that we have grand plans regarding our project at Zinga.  The plan is to become the most advanced women and children’s center in Tanzania.  Yet I have a firm belief that we can accomplish not only this goal but also impart both knowledge and skills to others so our presence extends to many other sites in Tanzania.

There are many other considerations at play. We must plan for a massive expansion of staff prior to the actual opening of the various services.  This, of course, will require funding for salaries and finding accommodations for all the new employees.  But as we have always done, we will “Trust in the Lord… and He will make our paths straight."

Charles W. Powell, MD

President, International Health Partners - US


Selemani Shabani writing:

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania,

We are working so hard at the site of The Children's Hospital at Zinga, Bagamoyo. 

First of all, we are working on putting a roof over the NICU and surgical suite building as you can see the picture below. 

Secondly, we are making more cement blocks to get ready for the next building. Thirdly, we are working on the setting out for the MCH building. Just after the setting out then we are going to go ahead and start digging the trenches and proceed with the foundation.

Fourthly, we are still installing the water lines in the birthing center. Fifth, we have also started doing the setting out for the acute care with PICU building. 

We have been able to do all of these things because of your kindness, your help and support that you have been providing to IHP JEMA TANZANIA.  Thank you.

The work has been very interesting because we can see lots of changes day by day. I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone you for making this dream come true. 

Thank you so much for everything. 

Best Regards,



Dennis Lofstrom writing:

It’s the 20thof the month again and it’s November, and my feet are cold which is not the fault of our hosts, Larry and Terri Roberts in Wilmington, OH.  

We are looking forward to an entire weekend (over Thanksgiving) to catch up on our writing obligations, thank you notes for Paula, and my autobiography notes and a Thanksgiving letter mailed off to our kids, mine, Paula’s, and Sele who we feel like we adopted together.  

It’s very rare that we are in the same place for more than 2-3 days.  So, this is a real treat and a break over the holiday in our full fundraising schedule. Thank you for making this possible. The more speaking engagements we have in one area, the more days we get to spend in the same location. Ahhh.  



Paula Lofstrom, Managing Director writing:

YOU DID IT! AGAIN!  Thank you!

The Thanksgiving Challenge Grant proffered by Christine Petersen was met.  Twenty-five people donated and we can now tell Christine to loosen up her check-writing hand!  Thank you to each and every one of you!

Speaking of holiday giving, we’ve begun receiving Christmas Gift donations, and YOU CAN DO THAT, TOO!   If you send us the gift to continue building and expanding the services for The Children’s Hospital at Zinga, and list of those to whom the gift(s) are directed, we’ll let them know what you’ve donated in their names to help serving the people of Tanzania.  Thank you.

Did you know that your donation to International Health Partners, Inc. can earn you a tax deduction?  Retirees are required to take a certain amount out of their IRA retirement fund.  If that money is directed directly to International Health Partners, Inc., no income tax is charged as we are a 501 (c) 3.  We’ll assist you with the process and give you our tax ID number.   

And, while you are doing your electronic shopping, please remember to register at and choose Mesa, AZ, International Health Partners, U.S., Inc.  We’ll receive 0.5% of every purchase.  It’s not a lot, but it does add up.  It takes $10,000 in purchases to accrue $50.00 for IHP, but every bit helps!  The page will come up then on your computer just like your regular Amazon Page.  Shop!  Shop! Shop!

Giving Tuesday is Tuesday. We’re not going to use Facebook, we’ll use our webpage, www.ihptz.organd click on PayPal!  We don’t need to go through intermediaries.  

Denny and I are in a wonderful home in Wilmington, OH, then we’ll be going on to South Bend, IN, and onward.  The travel/speaking schedule is at the bottom of the email.  Check it out to see when we’ll be close to you.  Any additional talks are absolutely welcomed.  Please consider having us speak in your home, at your service club (Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis) your quilting group, book club, Circle.  We’re happy to speak to anyone who will listen.  

The next big building challenge for the labor and delivery building of The Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Center is the cost of the plumbing fixtures.  Now, giving a toilet or sink to IHP may not occur to most folks as a typical Christmas gift, but for a woman having a baby, having her own bathroom, private, just for her, is a wonderful gift. Here is what they’ll cost:

A very nice and complete sink is $232.00.  We need 18 pieces for the whole building

A complete toilet is $250.00.  We need 16 for the whole building.

A complete shower mixer is $108.00.  We need 16 for the whole building.   

A mirror is $29.00. We need 16 pieces.  

You’ve got to admit it, it would be a unique, caring, thoughtful gift for any woman delivering a baby.  A Merry Christmas to you, too.  

Do you remember seeing pictures of Junior, when we first opened, actually a few days BEFORE we opened the outpatient clinic, a little boy 19 months old was brought in by his very worried mother because he was so thin and weak he couldn’t walk.  The problem was dietary, and his mother learned about nutrition and what to feed Junior.  He comes back periodically for checkups, a normal, delightful, healthy four-year-old. 


We have an ambulance. Now, we need to equip it.  I’ll attach the list.  We’ll also add this list to our website.  If you have access to any of these, or would like to purchase them for IHP, we’ll either put them into the next container, or purchase them in Tanzania.

To keep IHP building and serving, please send a check to:

IHP-US, Inc.

Matt West, Treasurer

8016 No. Everton Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64152


Go to our website, www.ihptz.organd click on PayPal


Call Joyce Zemel at 480-540-9317 and she’ll put it onto your credit card.

I saved some of the letters for the Update written while folks were out in Zinga.  These seem especially relevant since we’re now in Wilmington and will be having a reunion with this team on Sunday.

Blessings and gratitude,

Paula and Denny


This is Kinsey from Faith Lutheran Church in Wilmington, OH. 

Our group of 15 people came to IHP to help with whatever was needed.  When arriving, we were greeted by the most amazing and loving people. Even though it was very late at night, over the last three days we painted multiple buildings.  It has been amazing to work alongside of the other members of my church and seeing how much we are able to accomplish.  

I would recommend to anyone to come to the Children’s Hospital at Zinga, not only because of the amazing work IHP is giving to the people of Tanzania, but because they truly make you feel right at home.  

I will NEVER forget this experience!

Kinsey Carroll.  


My name is Sarah Fryman and I came to Zinga with my husband, my parents, my sister, and ten others from my parents’ church.  I just graduated college in May and we have been planning this trip since my junior year.  I was very excited about this trip and experience.  We painted the outpatient clinic, the canteen, the birthing center, and half of us painted the Powell house.  I anticipated would be our project so I was ready!  We completed the equivalent of 312 working hours, that’s about 8 weeks overall.  I had a really great experience.  I enjoyed the work, the food, the people, and the land.  My expectations weren’t met, they were EXCEEDED!  


Ambulance Checklist for IHP

  -     Personal protection equipment

  -     Gloves

  -     facemask with eye shield

  -     gowns

  -     galoshes

  -     N95 masks

  -     hand sanitizer

  -     dust bin

  -     sharps container

  -     backboard with straps and head blocks

  -     c-collar, adult and pediatric

  -     fire extinguisher

  -     headlamp with extra batteries

  -     Secured oxygen tank

  -     oxygen flowmeter and tank key

  -     nasal canula, non-rebreather mask for adult and pediatric

  -     clean drinkable water (3-4 liters)

  -     Suction machines manual and battery with extra battery

  -     suction catheters Yankauer (hard suction catheter) and soft suction catheter

  -     Blood pressure cuff with large adult, regular adult and pediatric cuffs

  -     Stethoscope

  -     pulse ox with both adult, pediatric and neonatal sensors

  -     AED??????? (would need both adult and peds pads)

  -     Adult, pediatric and neonatal ambubag with masks (and ability to attach oxygen)

  -     glucometer with glucose strips, lancets, and band-aids

  -     oral glucose

  -     3 bed sheets

  -     Wound care

  -     tourniquet

  -     absorbent pads (abds, diapers or maxi pads)

  -     4x4 gauze

  -     2x4 gauze

  -     bandaids

  -     roller gauze

  -     occlusive dressing

  -     skin tape

  -     coban/vet wrap

  -     ace bandages

  -     splinting material

  -     sam splints

  -     traction splint

  -     sling and swath

  -     ace bandages (3-4)

  -     material for padding

  -     OB kit

    -       Sterile gloves

    -       Scissor

    -       2 forceps

    -       Cord clamp

    -       Bedsheet

    -       Bulb suction

    -       Baby blanket