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March 2018 Update from IHP

Jesse Kitundu writing

Charles Powell writing:


Some of our outdated computers are too slow to do any meaningful updates.  Our electrical supply is still unreliable, and running the generator is a costly proposition.  One of my goals for the hospital is to have large scale solar power for critical centers of the hospital.  If there is one thing plentiful in Zinga, it’s sunshine!


Also, while we follow the completion of the birthing center, serious work remains to complete the surgical suite for C-sections, the nursery/neonatal intensive care unit, and we need to break ground on the pediatric ward, then the proposed burn unit.  We need to develop our emergency services, outfit an ambulance, add additional staff, equipment, and gain expertise.


Your help is appreciated beyond what you may ever realize or image.  To go from barren ground to where we are today is nothing short of miraculous. Nonetheless, much work remains to be done.  Your continued support is essential.


1.     Pray for the work being done at Zinga

2.     Volunteer, both at home and/or at Zinga

3.     Donate as you are guided and inspired


We are no longer have a specific religious affiliation, but there is absolutely no doubt that God is at work in Zinga.


Charles W. Powell, MD

President, International Health Partners – US


Jesse Kitundu writing:


Dear Friends to Mothers and Children,


Here it is March ending with HOT and HUMID weather as rains are back again.

In spite of heat, the construction staff is happy and working hard to finish the “Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Centre “. The building looks really amazing. This symbolizes that “The best way to find yourselves is to lose yourselves in the service of others.”

Apart from the BC, the Operating and NICU building is progressing well plua the two canteens. All of this has been possible within only 6 months because you. We really appreciate that and we invite you to come and witness the transformation of us!


Patients numbers still remain more less the same as last month. Children are very thankful for the toys you provided, and this makes them not to go to other hospital when they get sick again. They insist to parents to bring them back to the WAZUNGUs (white people’s) hospital with toys. Nice gesture, every item donated regardless of the size still it is important.  [Every child that must have blood drawn or get a shot, gets a Beanie Baby or similar toy donated by our many toy donors in the U.S.]


X-ray and Ultrasound machines are performing well; we are hoping in near future to collaborate with colleagues from other countries to improve our quality of care of patients.

Currently, we very excited waiting for Paula and Denny to come home to join us.  You do not know how much we miss, when they are not here. God bless them.


Dear Friends, I repeat again, please come and witness what we have done with your donations.  It is hard to believe that dreams were only dreams but now they are a reality.


Jesse Kitundu, President, IHP-JEMA-TZ


Selemani Shabani, Project Manager writing:

Dear friends and Donors of IHP JEMA Tanzania,


First we would like to inform you the work progress here at Zinga, Bagamoyo: 


The work is going very well here. For the past four weeks we were smoothing the Birthing center walls. Inside and outside walls. It was very challenging for some of the mason's because the way they do it at the village is not the same way we do it. Their quality was very poor when they first started. We had guide them for a few days and now they can do it in a much better way. So now the walls are smoothed on the whole building. It looks very good. 


Also we are putting up the ventilation blocks to allow air to flow in and out of the building very easily through those ventilation blocks. Like all of our concrete blocks, we make them ourselves.  And as you can see there spaces between the ventilation blocks for windows to allow more light into the building. 

Here are the following jobs for the birthing center:

  • Concrete floor ready for the tarrazo floor to come over it. 
  • Suspended Ceilings installed
  • Doors and windows
  • Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Wall smoothing with gypsum to prepare them for painting
  • Clean water to the building
  • Waste water out of the building
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Painting
  • Nurses Station finishing and shelving
  • Ambulance lobby


Additionally, we are working on the foundation for the NICU and operating suite. Foundation is done, one course of blocks has been placed all the way around as you can see on the picture. We are leveling in this foundation buy using what we call (moram) filling back sand. When this is complete we are going to continue with the walls for these two buildings. Also we are finishing the hospital canteen. We are finishing up the volunteer round houses six and seven, the Banjo and Theresa House and the Wakefield House.  These are the jobs we have been busy with for the past four weeks. 


We are thanking you for keeping us busy and serving these people of this country Tanzania, and also supporting our families. 


I can say this, without you none of this would have happened. But we are happy, people are smiling, laughing, going to school, healthy. You are someone special to us. 



Stay blessed.


Selemani Shabani.


Project Manager &

IHP JEMA Tanzania building contractor. 

Paula Lofstrom writing: 


Thank you to all of those who have hosted us on this round of fundraising for IHP.  We put over 15,000 miles on Tilly, our 25-year-old van, and she’s still running strong.  We thank you, and we thank God for your goodness.  


The Ambulance matching grant is nearing its close and we’re SHORT!

The income so far earmarked for the $4,000 matching grant starting on Valentine’s day and ending on Easter has brought in only $1,620.00.  We’re very grateful to those donors, but unless we hit the $4,000 mark, we’ll lose that matching money.  Peter Kitundu has graciously extended the deadline until May first, so, please, Have A Heartand help The Children’s Hospital at Zinga to purchase an ambulance or at least convert one of our vehicles to become a “This-Will-Do-For-Now” emergency vehicle.  Thank you! 


We know it’s tax time, but those of you getting a tax return, please Have A Heart and help by donating some part of the $2,380 so we don’t lose out on the matching grant!  Bless you.


And speaking of Tax Time, 

H & R Block has offered IHP the opportunity for a $20.00 coupon to benefit IHP for every new customer that has his/her taxes done at H & R. Block. Use the Referral Number: 40010001098553 and you will receive a $20 reduction in the cost of having your taxes done and IHP will receive the $20.00 from H & R. Block.  What a deal!!  Coupon is attached.


The party to officially open the x-ray/ultrasound unit was attended by members of the Bahari Rotary of Dar es Salaam.  Patients are being attended and this addition to the services we offer our patients brings us one step closer to becoming a full-service medical clinic.  Thank you Rotary International and the 13 Rotary clubs that made this possible.

Denny and I are back in Overland Park.  The container being loaded at the Franciscan Mission Warehouse in Independence will be buttoned up on April 11th and ship on April 12th, the same day we leave to return to Zinga.  If you have any further boxes to load, please ship them NOW!  The address is:


Franciscan Mission Warehouse

2100 N. Noland Road

Independence, MO  64050


And please mark it for The Children’s Hospital at Zinga.  Thank you. 


For donations to cover shipping or to support the work of IHP, please send what you can to:


International Health Partners, U.S., Inc.

Joyce Zemel, Treasurer

1811 So, 39th St. #36

Mesa, AZ  85206

Or, go to our website, and click on PayPal

Or, call Joyce at 480-540-9317 and she’ll put it on your credit card.


One final note, People often ask us what JEMA stands for.  In Swahili, Jema means good or goodness.  IHP-JEMA-TZ is goodness (and good health) for the children of Tanzania. 


Blessings and gratitude,

Paula and Denny