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January 2018 Update from Zinga

Jesse Kitundu writing

Dr. Jesse Kitundu writing:


Dear Friends to Mothers and Children of Tanzania,

January has been exciting and busy too.  The rains continue unlike the other years, where January is usually dry and sunny.  Is it possible they continue the whole year around?  Weather patterns are changing so it is hard to predict.  


Five new staff have joined us; Dr. Clara is an M.D., a male nurse midwife Emanuel, nurse Assistant Shani, and two radiographers (Male and Female). The x- ray and ultrasounds donated by Rotary International have started functioning. We are still waiting for linkage between Doctors and X ray by wireless.


The number of patients is increasing in Jan the ratio is 1:1 that means equal number of children to adults. This is a good trend as our main objective to attend more children than adults.  Other areas - the lab and pharmacy are working well and now they generate enough funds to sustain themselves (self-reliant).


With regard to construction, The Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Center is progressing to the progress of finishing. Final drawings are being finalized by an Architect and once they are approved by consultant we are starting with the ceilings, windows, and doors. The theater and Neonatal Intensive Care unit are starting this week as we have enough blocks.


Also, we are building a canteen that will serve both the staff and patients and is expected to be ready in two weeks. Patients sometimes have been waiting for a long time with nothing to eat.   The round houses and the big guesthouse are progressing well, window grills for the roundhouses and roof for big guest house.


 The container of in-kind donations arrived safely from Canada and everything was there as per manifest.

We thank the government for their efficiency. 

All of this is because you care for and believe in us and want to help the mothers and children in Tanzania.  Thank you.


Jesse Kitundu, M.D., Medical Director, The Children’s Hospital at Zinga, President, IHP-JEMA-TZ


Charles Powell writing:


I have been back in the US since the beginning of December, just in time for miserable, biting cold weather.  I find myself wondering just why I left Tanzania!  I understand that it is the rainy season there right now, but I would gladly trade that for the -20F weather we had in the midwest over the past couple of months.


Progress on the project continues, but there is an ongoing issue.  Our rate of growth is no longer limited by our ability to build; our ability to build is now mainly limited by the funds we have available.  Nonetheless, the future remains very exciting for us.  We are ready to install the ceiling of the birthing center and put in the floors, but the walls of the neonatal intensive care need to be built, and the operating room for C-sections must be completed.  After that, the next major project is the first of the pediatric wards.  With those completed, we will have a basic pediatric hospital.  Of course, there is much to do after that.


We have been blessed with generous contributions to finish out 2017.  Please help us make 2018 an even better year.  Better still, come visit us in Zinga and see the progress for yourself!  Volunteer, help us build, help us landscape, paint, finish, decorate.  Are you a mural artist?  We need murals.  Are you in the medical field?  Bring your talents to us, give us new ideas, expertise, and teaching talents to us.


We look forward to your support and your visits.  As always, a special thanks to our generous supporters.


Charles W. Powell, MD, FAAP

President, International Health Partners - US


Dennis Lofstrom writing:


Sunny California hasn’t been so sunny weather-wise this past three weeks since we’ve been here, but we have experienced many ‘sunny’ days for fund raising – funds from generous contributors that have moved us forward toward the completion of the Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Center labor and delivery building.  Mary Ellen’s last words before she passed away were, “You must continue.”


With your help we are “keeping on” and the birthing center now has the roof on, the windows, doors, and ceilings have been contracted out and are to be supplied within a sixty-day period.  The next challenge for that building will be the walls and terrazzo floors to be laid down.  


Thank you for your generous continuing support and making it possible for us to reach others and present IHP’s programs to reduce the newborn and maternal death rates in Tanzania.


Dennis E. Lofstrom, M.D., C.O.O., IHP US, Inc.  


Dr. Bon writing:


God is good taking care for The Children’s Hospital at Zinga’s plans. 

In this first month of 2018 God answered our needs

We had been looking for the female doctor to take care of Muslim women who don’t like to be touched by male doctor now they are happy to have Dr. Clara MD.


Also we have 2 nurses one is Muslim and one of the radiographer is Muslim too this reinforces the view of our community that The Children’s Hospital at Zinga is a place welcoming to everyone, whatever religion.  


Lastly, The Children’s Hospital at Zinga has started doing x-ray; we have 2 radiographers and they are perfect. 

Otherwise, things going very well here we are happy and thanking people who are interested in supporting The Children’s Hospital at Zinga in any way.



Dr. Bon


Selemani Shabani, contractor/project manager writing:


Hello Dear friends of IHP JEMA.

Thank you so much for bringing lives to this community and people around here.

It has been a busy few weeks here. We are working on the hospital canteen right now. This will be a place where people who are coming for treatment at our hospital they will be able to buy food and drinks. Not only patients, but also the relatives and our workers here will get breakfast and lunch for a good price, not very high compared to the village.

Also, I want to let you know that January 27th 2018 at 10:00am we are going to have a site meeting on the site. Dr. Jesse Kitundu our IHP JEMA TZ president, myself- Selemani, and with our construction consultants, Engineer and the people who are going to do the Birthing Center ceilings, doors and windows. From that meeting our consultants and engineers are going to explain how to hang those ceilings, doors and windows. We want these people to provide us the best service they can, that's why we are having that meeting before they start the job.


As soon as we agree each other, we are going to have a contract between the those guys who will be working on the birthing center and IHP JEMA TZ. After we sign the contract then immediately they will start the job. Hopefully next week we will start the ceilings, doors and windows. 


NICU and Operating Suite:

We have been told tomorrow, tomorrow (kesho, kesho ) for many times about the building permit. We went there today again and they showed us the documents, and there was one person's signature missing. The District Engineer's signature was not in. They told us he was on safari and he is coming back this weekend. 

So we were told to go back on Monday 2pm to collect the permit. So if we get the permit that means we are going to start putting the ground beam and walls on these two buildings early next week. 

Also we are putting up the grills on the round house 6 & 7 as you can see the picture.

I shared with you some construction pictures and you can see what is happening here though those pictures. We are skyping with the Lofstrom's as much as we can, to let them know what is going on and to get their input. This time of the year they are driving around the U S A and other places for fundraising. May God bless them and may God bless every one of you for this work you have been doing here. 




Paula Lofstrom writing: 


The action at Zinga is reported above.  Denny and I have been hosted in Simi Valley, California by Monica Burke and here in Moraga, California by George and Karen Kalvass.  We’re able to make “day trips” out to do fund raising and they have kept our schedule fully booked.  Karen put a sign-up sheet out at the church a couple of months before our arrival and people have taken us to lunch and had us to dinner and I’ve gained lots of weight and met a lot of truly wonderful people.  Lucky us to be doing this work.


Please note in our speaking schedule below that a couple of weeks have opened up in March.  So, if you’d like to have us come, please let us know, either for Sundays or for mid-week presentations at Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis clubs, Lions Clubs, your living room, or your church.


To continue the work, please support it by sending what you can to:


International Health Partners, U.S., Inc

Joyce Zemel, Treasurer

1811 So, 39th St., #36

Mesa, AZ  85206


go to our website, and click on "Donate!"

or call Joyce at 480-540-9317.  


Blessings and gratitude,

Paula and Denny