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November, 2017 Update from IHP

Jesse Kitundu writing

Dear Friends of International Health Partners, U.S.,-JEMA-TZ


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is giving a two-million dollar match on Facebook on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28th, or $50,000 to each non-profit registered.  Please go to Facebook and click on either Paula Lofstrom or International Health Partners and then click on International Health Partners to the donate button so IHP can receive a matching grant.  Facebook is waiving its transaction charges for that one day.  We are told that last year all of the matching funds were gone within 6 hours, so please get up early (6:00 A.M. EST or 8:00, Central time) and get your donation in to be matched!  


Below is our continuing speaking schedule.  Please read below all the wonderful news from the folks at Zinga.  Denny and I thank each and every one who has hosted us, the churches where we’ve been invited to present and each Rotary club that has allowed us to tell the story of IHP and The Children’s Hospital at Zinga.


Blessings and gratitude, Paula and Denny



Charles Powell, President of IHP, U.S. writing:


Change can be a relative thing, depending on your perspective.  When you are in the midst of it, things appear to move very slowly, almost taking forever.  Many at the hospital campus have asked me, “Does it look like we are making progress?”  My last visit to Zinga was one year ago, and from my perspective this year, I can give a resounding YES!  There is change all around, and the entire landscape has changed dramatically.  There are so many simultaneous projects occurring that it is difficult to keep track of all of them.  When work on one project ceases, the crews immediately move to do something else.  Right now, there is work on the MEK Memorial Birthing Center, the surgical theater for C-sections, the neonatal intensive care unit, new guest “round houses,” and the guest hostel that will eventually be hosted by Paula and Denny Lofstrom.  Other things that are new?  Inside, the main house now has ceilings.  The pool is surrounded by paving stones with a safety fence enclosing it, and the guest dining hall is nearly completed.  When approaching the main house, the surroundings appear very different than they did a year ago.


We have had an explosion of technology on the campus, with the installation of an X-ray machine, a dental X-ray system, and telephones!  No longer do the staff have to shout down long corridor to relay messages to one another!  It both useful and exciting.  Rather than depending on often unreliable cell service, the various rooms are at the finger tips.  More important, it is possible to call in an emergency situation when immediate help is needed.  Nonetheless, challenges remain.  The corporation that was to provide internet service to the hospital campus was dissolved, due to poor management.  The processing of certain documents remains painfully slow.  But we continue to move forward.


Last but not least, it is wonderful to return to Zinga because I have so many friends here.  We are able to exchange stories, and updates regarding family.  I am finally at least able to meet and greet in Swahili, and I usually even understand the responses I receive.  Believe me, it’s difficult having the vocabulary of a 10 month old at 65 years of age, but there are always new challenges and new hurdles to clear.  The project at Zinga is definitely a challenge.  But challenges keep life interesting, and they make it worth living.  Do you need a new challenge in your life? Please come join us in Zinga.  If you can’t make a visit, then please support us with your prayers, your abilities, and your resources.


Charles W. Powell, MD

President IHP-US




Dr. Bon writing:


We thank God for helping Dr. Charles Powell to travel safely from USA to Tanzania Zinga

He arrived on Nov. 6th at night.  The next day as he was at clinic looking on how to hook the local telecommunication system whereby in 3 days he finished all of the connections in the outpatient department, x-ray, and Powell house now we have local telephone communication. Thank you Dr. Powell; otherwise we would pay thousands of dollars to have somebody to do the installation.  


Also Dr. Powell did a techy miracle in installing the Progeny device for dental x-ray which was a real problem for long time. Many ITs tried to fix without success but now by Dr. Powell’s struggling it is working.


Another good thing he brought new knowledge to me. He is teaching me a new method of doing some surgical procedures.  Additionally, he is teaching continuing education to all staff every Wednesday. He is very good teacher. God bless him for what he is doing.


Bonaventura Mezezele.  



Dr. Jesse Kitundu writing:


Dear Friends to Children and Mothers of Tanzania,


November remains pretty busy month for construction.   The MEK Memorial Birthing Centre and making of hollow bocks for the operating rooms and NICU are going well.


We are happy that Charles (Vice president) is here helping us in setting internal communication network. He has installed telephones in all rooms. Now is possible to talk among staff without going out of our rooms.  Also, he is very active in imparting the knowledge and skills to us (i.e Helping Babies Breathe, CPR) and sharing with us his skills in different other issues including setting of IT, operational systems and repair. What a Thanksgiving gift for us from our fellow colleagues abroad.


Patients’ service is improving day by day and this has been possible because of your support. We really appreciate your making this all possible. Regardless of the donation given to us always it makes a difference in the lives of our patients.  


With thanks,




Selemani Shabani, project manager writing: 

 Dear Friends of the IHP US/JEMA TANZANIA and the Children of Tanzania.

This time of year, I am saying and “I wish you an early joyous Christmas and a prosperous for the New coming Year 2018”. 

Your amazing gifts for the work of International Health Partners, U.S./JEMA-TZ  have brought us closer and ever closer to being able to complete the third unit of The Children’s Hospital at Zinga, ( birthing center.  ) Thank you so much. We really appreciate your help and support. 

Each child in each family is a new light, a light that changes the world for the parents, for the siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles in that family.  At this time of year, when families gather, we’re so grateful for each other and bathed in the love of family.  If that baby dies, a light goes out, a hole is left and sorrow envelops the clan.  It is a loss nothing and no one can replace. 

International Health Partners US/JEMA TANZANIA is striving to build a children’s hospital to keep those shining points of light alive in families in Tanzania, to keep those precious children alive and healthy and contributing their gifts, talents, and joy to the world.  You are helping to make that happen and we thank you and bless you. We are really blessed having you as a team with us to bring care to this country.

Let me share with you about the progress of the project. We couldn’t continue making blocks for about two weeks because we were out of  cement. The cement factory was down for two weeks. Right now we are making the blocks because we have received 600 cement bags. From this we will be able to make enough blocks for the surgical suite and NICU.  You will be able to see the picture bellow.  Also we have managed to pour footings as bases for three containers. 

We had to replace few fence posts for the property, because they were broken. We have managed to put ceilings on Dr. Charles house and also to work on the walls for the Lofstrom's house. The birthing center roof we couldn’t manage to finish because we were out of wood. As you can see the picture below, there is just a small place left to finish. We have got the wood and the roof will be completed early next week. 


·      To start on the walls on the surgical suite, NICU, to 

·      Do the ring beam on Lofstrom's house and to finish the walls to a roof level.

·      Plastering the ceilings for Dr. Charles’s house and outside walls so they can be painted. 

·      Finishing the birthing center roof. 

·      Re-do the OPD floor, since we have the terrazzo machines. 

As we celebrate our Christmas, we are thankful for the gift of Jesus as a baby. Thank you all so much for what you give and do. You fill our hearts with the meaning of Christmas. Once again I want to wish you all a blessed and meaningful Christmas and a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have opened your homes to us and for your hospitality to Lofstrom's on the fund raising travels all over the world. I say thank you, thank you. 

Best Regards,




Paula writing again: 


Here is another picture of the arms of the lady who had the seizure and fell into the fire.  They’re healing though she may still need a skin graft and she will absolutely need more physical therapy to keep the use of her hands. 


As you can see from the below, there are lots of mid-week dates open for us to speak in your living room, to your Rotary club, or any venue you can create when we’re in your area.