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October, 2017 Update from IHP

Jesse Kitundu writing

Dear Friends of Children and Mothers of Tanzania,

This month continues to be very busy especially from the construction side. The Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Centre, Theatre and NICU are progressing well.  Hollow Blocks are to follow in our construction instead of whole blocks and this will reduce our construction costs.

An extra service is expected to start soon as the license is ready and will be followed by training of our staff. What a relief to our community population of Zinga and Bagamoyo as a whole. It is the second X-ray that will be serving in this area.

We continue to use the paperless computers in all areas. We are completing the coding from the pharmacy section that will able us to monitor inventory by use of bar code system. 

Dear Friends of Children and Mothers of Tanzania, as you can see all this has been possible because of continuity in supporting us. We continue to thank you for your donations of all kinds. Your donations are real making a difference. 

Stay Blessed

Jesse A. Kitundu, MD


IHP JEMA Tanzania.

Hello dear friends of IHP,


Greetings now from snowy Minnesota.  Denny and I are having our annual check-ups here at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (we’re both quite healthy, by the way) and have a few speaking opportunities in the area.  


The news we hear from Zinga is that there have been very heavy rainfalls and we need to do something to fix the roads, at least the ones at the clinic itself.  Obviously we need some kinds of culverts, but we’d sure appreciate the input from someone who knows what to do!  An engineer?  Someone who knows road construction?  Remember, most of our work is done by hand, not with big machines, but we have folks willing to do that and grateful for the chance to work.


Denny and I have given seven presentations so far and found lots of interest in The Children’s Hospital at Zinga.  We’re excited and pleased about that.  The support has been very gratifying.  


We’re reconnecting with medical schools who have sent students/residents/and fellows out before to our prior locations.  The schedule of meetings and presentations is filling up fast, but we always appreciate every chance to tell the story of how God is working miracles in Tanzania.  


Please check out the schedule below and let us know if when we’re in your area there would be a chance for a fund raiser in your living room, or to speak to the local Rotary or other service club or to be introduced to your church’s mission team or pastor.  


As a team we are designing the next building to be built after the NICU building is completed, and that’s a children’s acute care ward with a pediatric ICU.  Sele is doing the actual drawing with input from Dr. Kitundu, Dr. Bon, Drs. Charles and Lynne Powell, Miriam, Denny and me.  This is the way we always work – together for the best ideas of each of us.  It’s a wonderful collaboration. 

Selemani Shabani, Contractor writes: 

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania, 

     An amazing event happened last week: We have managed to start putting the roof over Mary Ellen Memorial Birthing center.  In fact, we had met a lot of challenges that have been slowing us down. Finally, it is going up. Below you will be able to see the photos.  


It is making a lot of changes out here. And all of this is happening because of your donations, your help and support you give us. 

Also we are making the hole cement blocks for this new building. I am attaching here again the picture shows these blocks being made here. 

Because of your donations we have managed to start the foundation for the Surgical suite and NICU building. Again below you can see the picture shows our people working on it. 

We are thanking every one of you for your help and support you have been giving us. 

Thank you so much for doing this job with us. And together we can do it. 


Best Regards, Sele 



Dr. Bon (Doctor-In-Charge) writes:

This is end of October 2017

Here at Zinga is warm and humid.

OPD clinic is not so busy as last month. We did have 4 serious cases seen many are follow-up cases. New cases are coming from Bunju, Bagamoyo and all the way from Mlandizi and Tegeta. 


Total number of adult patients is 482 and 86 children.  Recent cases included: burns, upper respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis, malaria, diabetes, hypertension, skin diseases and urinary tract infections.  




Miriam Mugo, Head Nurse, writes:  

A woman came to the clinic one day this week in great after pain from a burn.   We immediately took her in and after history taking by the doctor...she was unknown case of epilepsy. 

Here's the story: she got an epileptic attack after she had made herself lunch and was ready to eat with her 2 ½  year old son. Her left hand was right in the firewood fire and the other hand was on top of the stones used for laying the cooking pot as you make food. 

There was no one to help her during the seizure.   Then a neighbor came to her rescue and she was taken to another local hospital.

After two days she heard about the services we offer and that's when she came in. We dressed her wounds and allowed her to go home and come in the next day. She came back but unfortunately in tears that her husband had abandoned her. After consultation with the Doctor-In-Charge we put her on the Special Need fund. She is now receiving free treatment at the clinic.

Thank you to a lot of our donors for helping yet another person really in need. Was it not for your donations I believe this woman could have lost her arms.


Paula writing again.  Please see below the speaking schedule so you can check out when we’ll be near you. 


Blessings and gratitude,

Paula and Denny