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December 2016 Update

Jesse Kitundu writing

Dear Good Friends to Children and Mothers of Tanzania,


 Giving help to other people does not mean your rich. This  simply means is to  share with those who are in great need with an open  heart of love. With your genorosity we are able to  continue realizing our  dream of achieving our objectives .


December has been a busy month for us. Finally, we cleared the long waited container from our friends in Canada . Also, we expecting the 2nd container   sent by IHP TEAM from USA in 2 days .Though clearing containers here is real an issue  but we do real appreciate for your help.


Donations other than “in-kind” also continue to come and this keeps us going  with building; X ray building is almost completed, Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Center is now taking shape the interior walls  are almost done waiting for the roof. Then will follow the interior finishing. As you can see still we need more of your help.


The OPD is doing well  and day by day the word of good patient care is spreading .

As the year is coming to end,  On behalf of IHP -JEMA Tanzania,May I wish  “A Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017”.


Thank you for helping those in greatest need, and for embodying the generosity of spirit at the heart of our Zinga community.


Jesse A. Kitundu MD ,

 Pediatrician, President IHP- JEMA Tanzania,

Medical Director, Children's Hospital, Zinga

Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

Dr. Charles Powell writing

Installation of the X-ray system will proceed!


It seems as though it has been a very long time since we started our application for a grant from Rotary International for the purchase of X-ray equipment, and in fact, it has been.  We started the process in mid 2015.  It is finally complete, “T”s crossed and “I”s dotted, and the application has been approved.  We are one step closer to providing excellent care to the children of Tanzania.  Our X-ray unit will be a very flexible Fuji system with digital image storage.  This allows us not only easy access to images from anywhere on the hospital campus, but we also remain environmentally responsible.  Conventional systems use toxic chemicals and produce mountains of X-ray films, all of which require special handling. Our system is entirely free chemicals and has a very small “carbon footprint”.


We are thankful for all of the hard work that has gone into the writing and completion of this grant, with special thanks to Rotary Club of Park Ridge.  Park Ridge was the club that coordinated the application and saw it through to its completion.


On other fronts, we have taken delivery on two containers that arrived in Zinga this month. More details will be found in this newsletter.


Charles W. Powell, MD


Matt West writing

Matt West, our on-the-road supervisior/driver/Sherpa writes:  


Since the last update I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my very good friends George and Susan in Milwaukee while the folks spent time with Denny’s family in Chicago.  As always, the Fehrenbachs were great hosts and we even got to run the Drumstick Dash 5K around the Brewer’s stadium.  And another personal highlight of the visit was a tour of the old Pabst Brewery – thanks again Susan!  The folks drove up from Chicago and we headed up to Houston, Minnesota to stay with Jerry and Jeanie Tippery.  The folks presented at the Looney Valley church and met with the team that’s going to Zinga next year.  Thanks for having us!


Next stop Minneapolis for a dinner party at Jo’s house with her family.  Got a little wet but at least it wasn’t snowing.  I then got the opportunity to see my old friends Mark and Lisa Saathoff who let me crash in their spare room for a few days – and eat their food, and walk their dog, and borrow their car.  And of course, they took me out to dinner and Mark drove me around with him while he was working so I wouldn’t just have to sit around.  Thank you so much for the hospitality.  Was great to spend time with them and Addison.  We are still debating what actually qualifies at a lake and what would be a pond.


Left the Land of 10,000 (supposed) lakes and headed to Moline, IL to present at St. James Lutheran Church and were also invited to a pot luck lunch at St. John’s by Ruth Anne and Bill.  We stayed at their friend Nancy’s house.  Nancy didn’t even know us and let us make ourselves at home for 2 days.  Thank you, Nancy, very much for taking such good care of us.  Despite a bit of snow, we left there and circled back to Newton to see Marie and Duane for a day and are now back in Kansas City getting charged up for the next part of the voyage.  Florida in January – it’s going to be rough…


Matthew West


Paula Lofstrom writing

Merry Christmas! 

We learned this morning that the second container reached Zinga at 9:00 last night.  Yay!  This is from Kansas City Surgical Center with loading assistance from Atonement Lutheran Church in Overland Park, kS and financed by United Church of Christ in Oak Harbor, OH.  At last, at last it is “on the ground” in Zinga.  This container also includes the little golf cart donated in LaCrosse, WI and transported by the Newberrys so Denny will be able to easily transport himself from the house to the clinic whenever needed. 

What an extraordinary boost this containers’ contents will give to the services we’ll be able to offer at The Children’s Hospital at Zinga. 

To those of you who have donated throuth the GoFundMe for the Mary Ellen Kitundu Roof for the Birthing Center, we say Thank you!!

To those of you who are assigning your IRA benefits to IHP in the form of stocks or cash, we say, Thank you!!

To every single donor, or purchaser of the Tanzanian crafts to help build The Children’s Hospital at Zinga, we say, Thank you!

To Eunice Famme in Vancouver, BC, Canada for Mary Ellen’s request for the lawn mower, and for financing, and to Lindsay Brucks in Saskatoon, Canada, for the medical contents and shipping of the Canadian container, we say, Thank you!

To Park Ridge, Wilmette, Barrington, Northbrook, Luna Vista, Louisburg, Macomb, Woodland Noon, Woodland Sunrise, Davis Sunset, Davis Sunset, Winters, and Jacksonville Rotary Clubs that raised funds for the digital x-ray and the ultrasound unit, we say, for our patients, Thank you! 

To all of those who have hosted us, fed us, prayed for us and those we serve, we send you Blessings and Gratitude.

For those who would like to help IHP serve even more by helping to put the roof on The Mary Ellen Kitundu Memorial Birthing Center, or help with salaries for clinic and construction staff, general expenses and overhead, please send your tax-deductible check to:


International Health Partners, U.S.

Joyce Zemel Treasurer

1811 So. 39th St., #36

Mesa, AZ  85206

Or, go to our newly re-done website and click on Just Give

Or, call Joyce at 480-540-9317.


Den Lofstrom adds:  In 2017 we look forward to starting the NICU and surgical suites and to starting wards for the children.