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January 2016 Update

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania,

Mary Ellen Kitundu writing

Exciting days!

  1. The Children's Hospital passed government inspection, and the facility is ready to care for children!
  2. Staff are being trained for the Computerized Medical Program. This means no more paper charts, efficiency in health care. Lab and x-ray reports go directly to the doctor's running around or waiting to deliver reports.
  3. Last minute touches are being completed.
  4. Landscaping around the building is being done. Flowers abound!
  5. Fans are being installed and air conditioners in sensitive areas such as the lab and the operating room.
  6. AND the electrical company has done a final inspection. After the report arrives it will take 2-3 days to hook the buildings up with electricity and we will open for patients!


So while waiting for the electrical company to finish their job, we are starting laying out the foundation for the x-ray building and the birthing center as well as the neonatal building. Roads are being adjusted for the placement of the buildings. It is an exciting thing to watch as dreams are becoming true.

And these dreams of a center of excellence of pediatric care are coming true because of you. Thank you, thank you!

Sincerely, Mary Kitundu
President of IHP-US, and IHP-JEMA-Tanzania

Denny Lofstrom writing

The OPD is finally going to be able to start seeing patients. 

Government inspection teams have come and gone, giving their approval. Tanesco (Tanzania Electric Service Company) has inspected the premises and the electrical wiring installation and given their approval, so these last hurdles have been accomplished and we are ready to start seeing patients. 

It seemed for a good many months this day would never come. It was always “Tomorrow”, (Kesho, kesho in Swahili), or, as we encountered in one of the cafes we stopped to eat at on our travels here in the U.S., “Free beer tomorrow!” It would always be “kesho”. 

On our travels here in the U.S. for the most part we have been able to avoid the flooded areas and the really bad winter storms as we have travelled from the Midwest to Florida to Chicago and westward to Idaho on our fund raising schedule. 

We thank you for all of your support, your participation in our building program, and/or your contribution of your time and talents to furthering our medical program. Blessings to all of you. 

Paula Lofstrom writing

Each day brings special things to us. It’s wonderful – we see new country in our travels, we meet fabulous people, and we are able to share the story of how God is creating miracles for the children of Tanzania at Zinga. 

Of course, it’s due to the hard, hard work of Mary Ellen, Sele, Dr Jesse Kitundu, Dr. Bon, Miriam, Rebecca, and the exceptional construction crew and your support that is making this miracle happen. Does it feel good to be part of a miracle? 

Here in Coeur D’ Alene the pediatric unit at the Kootenai Hospital has adopted The Children’s Hospital at Zinga as a project. Their nursing staff has had several fund raisers and have donated about $4,000 to help the hospital to be built – in the last few months! 

They did bake sales, craft sales, quilt raffles, and went door to door to businesses just showing a flyer and asking for money! They are an amazing group of people dedicated to helping children far far away receive the quality health care they would receive here in The U.S. 

It does take dedication, it takes determination, it takes persistence to build a specialized hospital in Tanzania. Our mottos is: Trust God and show up for work. And it works! 

The Rotary of Park Ridge, IL and seven other Rotary clubs combined their efforts, got their districts to match it and then Rotary, International and they raised the $105,000 to buy a brand new, state-of-the-art digital x-ray and an ultrasound for The Children’s Hospital at Zinga. 

There are people who send us $25 a month. That’s a gift, too. And people who send $50 or $100 or even $300 a month. Why? Because it feels good to make a difference. They give what they can and it makes things happen. Thank you to each and every one. 

Some people who are retired and have an IRA must withdraw a certain amount each year. Some people give that cash to us, or they can contribute the stocks directly because we are a 501 (c) 3, they do not have to pay income or capital gains taxes. Oh, we DO love December and January! 

Thanks to all of you who chose to give donations to us as Christmas gifts for your loved ones. That made a whopping good Christmas for us! The construction crew is making 700 blocks a day (a buck a block) so we can start the building to house the x-ray unit and the safe birthing center and neonatal ICU. 

Bless you all,

Lynda Sardeson writing


I'm an RN and a Certified Diabetes Educator from La Porte, Indiana and I've volunteered with IHP over the last 10 years. I helped in Mwanza at Nyakato on 3 occasions, counseling patients with diabetes and doing eye exams. I've also been to Zinga to help with the Children's Hospital Zinga (I plan to return this Fall) and taught a 2 day continuing education workshop on Diabetes at St John's University. These were all fantastic experiences for me, my son, and friends who have also volunteered with IHP. 

But this year I've volunteered to do something different for IHP... I'm traveling across the USA with Denny and Paula as they do their annual fund raising. I'm the “porter-ess”/'luggage handler” and all-around “Gal Friday”. I have the privilege of seeing how this part of IHP “ works”. And boy, do they work hard! 

Today is January 22, 2016. Since we left Minnesota on January 2nd we have driven nearly 4,000 miles. Most of that with Paula in the driver's seat. We've gone South to Ft Pierce, Jensen Beach, and Naples, Florida and back North to Park Ridge, IL. Right now we are in Butte, Montana and in the morning we leave for Hayden, Idaho. I've loaded and unloaded the van about 20 times for Paula to do presentations on what IHP is doing in Zinga for churches, condos, Rotary International Clubs, and other groups. All three of us set-up the items for sale from Tanzania. We are rarely in any one city for more than 1-2 days. Then every night no matter whether it is at someone's home or a motel on the interstate it's time to answer emails, skype with Mary Ellen in Tanzania for updates, write thank you notes, make final arrangements with groups and people we will be visiting, do phone follow-ups with the IHP Treasurer, check weather forecasts, and plot the next day's travel. From 7 am to nearly midnight almost every day not a moment is wasted and this will be our lives for about the next two months. The most fun is meeting so many amazing people at our destinations and along the way. 

Miriam Mugo writing

After 3 years in school [to get her BSN] and now back to what I do best - that is taking care of the sick. I am excited to be in a new setting which focuses on taking care of the little ones, Children's Hospital Zinga. Thank you IHP for the gift of health towards Tanzanians. Be blessed for your good deeds.

Dr. Bonaventura Mazezele writing

Hi all! 

My name is Dr. Bonaventura Mazezele, medical practitioner for 26 years saving patient's lives in Tanzania. I am happy to work with IHP JEMA here at Children Hospital at Zinga, because they did lots to improve my life and medical knowledge by sharing with people of different medical teams from abroad, 

I appreciate also that IHP JEMA sponsored me to go upgrade my medical knowledge whereby I learnt modern methods of saving people's lives especially pregnant mothers and children. 

Now I can perform emergency Cesarean section in a short time to save mother and fetus lives, I can do herniorraphy, hydrocelectomy, laparotomy, tubal ligation, vasectomy, amputations. Also I can do proper resuscitation to the neonates. 

So my expectations here at Children Hospital Zinga are to give good quality health services to all so as to meet the MDGs [Millianiam Goals] 

Karibu sana [You are most welcome] to help Children Hospital Zinga

Selemani Shabani writing


Happy new year to everyone. It is a new year already 2016 and it was 2015 just few days. I wish you, everyone, all the best in this new year. May all of your dreams come true in this year 2016. I know everyone one of us has got new dreams in this 2016. 

We, as IHP-JEMA have got dreams also in year 2016. We are dreaming of having the x-ray and birthing center building going this year. All of these dreams will never come true without your help and support. 

We really need your help and support so that together we can serve some people's lives. Thank you very much for supporting us all these past months. Also thank you very much for being our donor. Please, we still need your support. I am asking for your help, anything you think of will be useful to us please do send it. And may God bless you very much. 

Best Regards,