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April 2015 Update

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania,

Mary Ellen Kitundu

This is an exciting and hectic time for us. Finishing touches are always labor intensive and expensive. They are still working on a terrazzo dazzling white floor, but almost done.

plastered terrazzo

The doors and windows are there waiting to be installed. The containers...are waiting to be emptied. 

Sometimes we think we are crazy to be doing this. It takes so much money, energy and our days are full of activities. 

And because so much is happening and being constructed, we run low on money. I mean really low. We were down to $3000 for finishing and we still had under the eaves work, paint, a pipe to the septic tank, on and on. And we get almost sick to our stomachs thinking it has finally come where we completely run out of funds to do this, and we will have to delay opening. 

Oh, we of little faith! You people came through yet again for this project! I don't know why we become afraid. I guess we have to be taught again and again that this is going to happen! 
The electric lights will come on, the lab equipment will be there as we can afford it, and drugs will be purchased (this is one-time only, as after that the revolving account will always keep the shelves stocked), windows and doors will be installed, paint will be painted and dreams will come true. 

Thanks to all of you faithful people. We are overwhelmed by your generosity. And all those little children will be given good medical care though your hands. God bless you all.

Sincerely, Mary Kitundu
President of IHP-US, and IHP-JEMA-Tanzania

Denny Loftsrom

We have been Skyping with Mary Ellen in Tanzania daily, AM here, PM there, then in the PM here, it’s the AM there – so twice a day Mary Ellen informs us what is going on, that the terrazzo floors are almost finished. That means the temporary laboratory can be set up in one of the 16 x 16’ exam rooms.

We will put in four divisions, one along each side of the room:

1 – Hematology, 2 – Chemistries, 3 – Bacteriology (Microbiology), 4 – Parasitology (fecalysis and urinalysis). This will require an evacuation hood to be installed. A tissue lab and a designated area for a blood bank may have to wait for the laboratory building to be built. For now, blood typing and cross matching will be done in hematology. 

hematology machine

A cryostat for frozen tissue surgical specimens will also have to wait for the completion of the laboratory building. Blood counts and differentials, i.e. the counts of the different types of white blood cells, polymorphenuclear cells, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophiles will be done when we can buy the heme machine. 

Fischer Scientific has a “start up” laboratory kit for $79,000 so if someone would write a check, we could be in full basic operation within a few weeks! Otherwise, we’ll go at it machine by machine, table by table, desk by desk until we can have a fully functioning hospital lab. 

The program is moving along at Zinga because of the support we receive from generous, caring people like you. 

Blessings, Dennis E. Lofstrom, M.D.

Selemani Shabani

We have worked with the Tanesco company about bringing power to Zinga children's hospital, now we can say we are going to have power very soon. Actually they have already placed all of the power poles where they are going to put them, all the way from the village to the hospital.

electic pole on road

They are laying along the road about where they will dig the holes and set them. Also they called yesterday and said they are gathering their materials and they will come by the end of this week to start working so that we have the power. 

I would say may be in the next two weeks we are going to have power according to them. That will be a big relief to us. I am very excited about getting the power. I even forgot to greet you. I am so sorry. 

Hello everyone, I just want to let you know that we are doing wall plastering and priming the walls, also we are working on plumbing. Next week we will be installing the doors and the windows, also we will be installing the sinks and toilets. We are very happy about seeing all of these things going on at once. This is because of your help and support. 

Thank you very much for all of your donations you have sent to IHP JEMA. Your donations have made a lot of changes here at Zinga. We are very proud of having you as Our donor (IHP JEMA ). Stay blessed every one of you. 


Paula Lofstrom

Your child is sick and you know that the government clinics and hospital in the area have no medicine left and won’t have more until the first of the month. You have no money to go all the way to Dar es Salaam for help, and you don’t have a car and the busses don’t run at night for transport, and it’s 2:45 A.M. What are you going to do? 

Your donations have almost completed the first unit of The Children’s Hospital at Zinga. Thank you. As you’ve seen above, the electricity is coming in, the floors are almost done, the ceilings are up, etc. A team is coming from Bethel Lutheran in Rochester, Minnesota lead by Darlene Voeltz and Jean Marconett on May 18th to paint it all in bright, happy colors. Our goal is to open in June, or July. 

opd plastered paint ready



Our challenge now is to stock the pharmacy. This is a one-time only expense. From here on the sales of the medications will finance the purchasing of their replacements. This will cost about $10,000. 

As you’ve read above, we need to buy the equipment for the laboratory. The laboratory is the heart of the hospital. You must have an accurate diagnosis to have accurate treatment. You need accurate laboratory results to have this happen. The only piece of equipment we have right now is Denny’s personal microscope. We need your help. Every $100 donation for this lab buys test tubes, slides and slide covers, pipettes, syringes, reagents, etc. Here’s the list of the equipment we need to start: 

The biochemtry machine (does cholesterol, hormones, liver function, electrolytes – potassium, sodium, etc)…………………………. $7,500.00 

The incubator is (used for growing specific pathogens in a petri dish so you know what bacteria or virus you’re dealing with so you know what medicine to prescribe)…….. $1,700.00 

Centrifuge (Separates the red cells from the white cells in the blood)…….. $160.00 

Water distiller (Used for washing the slides and making the stains you can look at the specimen under the microscope, and for the sterilizers)……………………….. $1,600.00 

Blood Analyzer (used for red and white cell counts and differentials)……$10,000.00 

We just received a grant from the Tony and Renee Marlon Foundation to cover this machine!!! Thank you! 

Refrigerator for blood is $800.00 

Refrigerator for reagents and certain medications is $300.00 

Your donation makes a REAL difference. And, if we don’t receive the money for the lab and pharmacy, we will not be able to deliver quality medical care for the children who need us. 

You have never let us down. You have built the building. Before that you bought the land, bought the cement mixers, pounders, vibrators for the blocks, cement and sand and aggregate. You gave us the money for that HUGE roof. Now, we have to make it work for the people of Tanzania. Thank you in advance because we know from experience we can count on you, that the children we’ll serve can count on you – that there will be medications in the pharmacy, and the needed reagents and machine in the laboratory to get an accurate diagnosis. 

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